Sunday, April 3, 2016

Farewell, Scathing Jellyfish!

So, Scathing Jellyfish is coming to an end.

I will never blog again.

Just kidding, I'm moving to Wordpress:D Because it's better. And you can make pictures any size you want instead of just minuscule / still rather small / too-large-too-fit-your-template.

But I'm kind of sad anyway, because this blog has been here for what feels like forever. Does anyone remember the self-made header way back in 2011? With General Malaise? Before agents and book deals and all that? I will leave the blog here, but all new updates will be on my website's blog, which just got the SNAZZIEST of redesigns, courtesy of the awesome IPopColor. It would be cool to see all of you there, too.

(The posts and comments have all been carried over, but it's kind of a mess as far as formatting goes, so don't mind those. I'll continue my irregular posting of adventures, though, for sure.)

So . . .

Bye, Scathing Jellyfish!


  1. *sniff* I'm sad if only because I use Blogger and I like seeing your blog pop up in my blogger feed and....I'LL JUST HAVE TO SAVE YOUR WORDPRESS LINK I SUPPOSE :P :P

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