Sunday, January 10, 2016

A DROP OF NIGHT - early reviews!

A Drop of Night is getting its first revieeeeews! And they don't hate it! Look:

Bizarre and hugely suspenseful . . . Bachmann keeps the pages turning with this thriller . . . The peculiar circumstances add to the strange atmosphere and also to the suspense, lending the book an appealing, otherworldly quality. Kirkus

A fast-paced thrill-ride . . . Chilling . . . The suspense begins from the first page. I Know What You Did Last Summer meets Frankenstein. —YA Books Central

Smooth writing, an engaging plot, and only wisps of romance place this work’s focus squarely on two headstrong and rebellious girls . . . For readers who like strong characters in a unique setting and prefer their horror with a streak of science fiction. School Library Journal

Bachmann’s writing is as polished as in his earlier books—the violence is fittingly gruesome, the decadent and mazelike palace is gorgeously described, and Anouk has an engagingly snarky narrative voice. Publishers Weekly

In the same review, Publishers Weekly also felt the book was pulpy and got lost among the frantic action, but thank you PW for giving us the nice pull-quote anyway! You're cool. :)

Anyway, since I'm feeling relieved, and like even if this book is weird, it's at least excitingly weird, here's a handy list of things about A Drop of Night to perhaps whet your appetite for March 2016.

Things A Drop of Night has:

- A spiky, sometimes mean, usually smart, possibly traumatized, but hopefully eventually understandable main character named Anouk van Roijer Peerenboom.

- Lots of running in the dark through a huge, subterranean palace where every room is different and might kill you. Also, a goodly dollop of fighting against terrible things. And three gallons of Mysterious Happenings.

- Elements of paranormal / sci-fi / history / thriller. But it's not a mash-up, in the sense that those elements aren't all squished together in the same scenes.

- Flashbacks to 1780's France, but a narrative set in ze now.

- You probably won't be able to figure out the ending in advance. There are clues, though. (If you *do* guess the ending in advance, I feel like there should be a refund or something.)


Things A Drop of Night doesn't have:

- A historically and archeologically accurate premise that could totally happen in a pinch. (Aka, there *were* underground palaces built during the French Revolution, and science just hasn't caught up. Because alas. . . no.)

- Tons of gore and bloodshed. It looks like a horror book, but I don't think it is entirely. At least, I didn't write it with the intent of it being horrifying. I think it's creepy, and dark, but it's more action than horror. Horror makes me think of broken bones and severed limbs and there's the absolute minimum of that because ew.

- A cliffhanger ending. NOT THIS TIME. There will never-ever-ever be a sequel to this slice of weirdness.

- Romance. There's the tiniest bit of arm-touching and panick-hugging, but all the characters spend most of the book in great peril, so basically: 

And that's that! I have plans to do some videos on the characters and setting, and we've recorded a popsong (or three) for the book, and those giveaways I talked about ages ago and still haven't gotten around to will also happen soon-ish. I just survived a massively important college test which may get a blog post all to itself (but maybe not because if someone from school reads it they could be mad), so now I'm catching up.

In other news, I've gone back to work on the middle grade standalone, and it's soooo close to done. I'm hoping to have a draft done ASAP to send to Editor. It's like the jollier older sibling of The Peculiar, but still a little dark, but hopefully warmer and fuzzier, but also kind of melancholy because sad things happened while it was being written. And it has monsters. And an ocean made out of wooden waves.

Anyway, more soon, and happy 2016 to you! :)