Sunday, June 14, 2015

Budapest n' Stuff

THIS BLOG, THO. It has been neglected. I had a bunch of university exams, and university exams kick you off the edge of the world and you can be like, "NOOOOO, SEMESTER EXAMS, STAAAAAHP!" but they won't.

So I don't know if any of you still check this blog, but if you do, hiii! *waves wildly at you* I went to Budapest about a month ago. Here are pictures.

That picture is courtesy of Little Brother. You can tell because it's good. I take my pictures on a point-and-shoot with a cracked screen. I'm not that fancy.

Backstory: I had one week of spring break and Mom wanted to take Little Brother somewhere, and since I had time off I OBVIOUSLY felt I should spend it travelling. The plan was to go to Venice, but last minute we decided on Budapest instead. Off we flew.

The problem was, I was right in the middle of revisions. And I knowwww, I've been right in the middle of revisions forever. Someone wrote to me a while ago and asked why A DROP OF NIGHT was not out yet, and why am I still working on it when it sold like 500 centuries ago, aka in 2013. It's because it's the hardest, hardest book I've ever written, and it's weird and complicated and slightly ridiculous, and I basically had to learn how to write all over again, because it's not my style. (So why did you write it, Stefan, if it's not your style. DON'T ASK ME THESE THINGS. I don't know. My brain and I don't talk much.)

Anyway, I'm kind of a nightmare to travel with when doing revisions. I get very quiet and tense and annoying, and I can't really focus on anything else. You know that Marina and the Diamonds song? ONE TRACK MIND LIKE A GOLDFIIIIIIISH. Yeah?

(Ok, but do you, because it's the best song, and if you don't know it you need to.)

That song was my anthem a few years ago. I can only think about one thing at a time, and since I had already missed basically every deadline I was given for this book, I was in panic mode. I spent most of the Budapest trip sitting in the herb garden of castle and tippity-typing madly away.

Which is not a *bad* thing. I mean, it's an herb garden. In a castle. In Budapest.
I didn't see a lot of Budapest, but I saw the river, and the parliament, and I saw the church on the hill and the church in the city and a square and another square and some streets and the opera house. 'Twas good.

The shiny parliament building.
I became fast friends with this portly gentleman.
Also, look, Londoners, they have Costa Coffee! You cannot hide from it.

This cow creeped me out for some reason. Doesn't it look slightly disapproving?

I'm OBSESSED with these little streetcars. They need to be in my next book and they shall ferry the dead into the afterlife or something
The guy's like: "Do you like my tutu?" and the girl's like: "It's not your color."
On Buda Hill.


I love this shot. It captures the atmosphere of the city really well, I think.

This burger was amazinnnnng.
Almost dropped my camera down this well while taking this picture, because I'm skilled like that.

Ok, this guy. He was just standing there, smoking his cigarette, looking grim and like he was about to assassinate someone, but he was also like 4 feet tall.
Lots of tea.

Checkin' out that loom.

So those were my very limited impressions of Budapest. I don't know if I'm traveling much this summer. Last summer I went to Tokyo and Dubai and San Francisco and Vancouver and Portland, but this year I have a lot of work to do, and a lot of writing to do, and also I hate hot weather, so I think I'm just going to stay in Switzerland and go traveling in the winter? I might go to Serbia, though, with my older brother. He has a bunch of friends there and goes often, so if that happens I'll blog about that and it will be an ADVENTURE, as I've never been even in the remote vicinity of Serbia before.

Hope everyone's wellllll! And if you have any secret travel recommendations let me knowwwww!

Bye. :)


  1. "Corpses" lol.

    Marina and the Diamonds! Tres awesome. She's coming to my town in a few weeks.
    If you haven't already been, go to Naples - it's a wonderful mix of beautiful buildings and incongruous graffiti. There's a pizza place near/on the Piazza del Gesu and they do a pizza with cream, which sounds odd but tastes like it's been blessed by all the patron saints of culinary excellence.

    1. Ohh, did you go? Marina's the best. She's probably the only pop person I would actually want to see in concert.

      NAPLES! I do really want to go back to Italy soon. Have only briefly been to Naples and it was right after some massive Mafia news story, so I spent the whole time terrified of being randomly shot at. Super reasonable, I know. I should probably go back. xD

  2. Your blogs are always so hilarious! Also, I'm thinking maybe the real reason you chose Budapest is because of the George Ezra song. ADMIT IT, Stefan!

    1. Haha! I mean, it maaaay have been a subtle-yet-constant reminder that Budapest is a place that I have not yet visited.

      Also, thank youu! :)

  3. - Marinaaaaaaa!!!! <3
    - the girl in the window is wrong. he's rocking that tutu and the fez too
    - was that guy actually loom shopping?

    1. - YASSSS. xD
      - I completely agree.
      - I think he was actually setting it up. But it *looked* like he was loom-shopping. :)

  4. Well it was about doggone time, Etienne.
    Laugh-out-loud funny, as usual. Your blog posts are always great. Just one thing - I believe that cow is a bull.

    1. I knowwwww. But now I've done two posts in two weeks which is an EXTRAORDINARY FEAT FOR ME.

      It might be a bull. A creepy, disapproving bull.