Saturday, January 24, 2015

Travel! Appearances! Good things!

Can we just pretend this picture is ART and not my stupid camera being blurry and stupid? Yay, thanks. So, this piece is titled "The Egyptian Escalators at Harrods." *wild applause* *bows*
Hiiiii! Before anything, I want to say thanks to all you kind people who emailed / commented / sent me texts wondering whether I needed cookies or phone-calls or to be locked in a padded room for a while. I haven't looked at that last blog post since posting it, mostly because I'm a much happier camper now and I would probably find the whole thing the definition of First World Problems ("I hate, like, going around and, like, speaking German, and, like, talking about my books. The STRUGGLE."). But everyone was super nice and understanding, so thanks for that. :)

(Also, I still haven't answered everyone, or the comments on this blog, and I'm super sorry about that. I will answer, as soon as possible.)

I have a few quick things before travel posts:

- I'm in Ireland right now! A few days ago I was in London and met up with my fellow Cabinet  Curator Emma Trevayne. Now I'm road-tripping with my cousin Becca from Colorado and my older brother across the Emerald Isle. It's sooooo pretty.

See? Emerald Isle. So pretty. I like much.

- I'm reading in Switzerland, Kaufleuten Zürich, on February 2nd.

I'm not doing very many readings this year in favor of sanity and passing my tests, so this is kind of like an all-encompassing Swiss one. Apparently it's at a larger venue, and the special guest is a psychoanalyst, and the moderators are from TV, so if that doesn't sound like a grand old time, I don't know what does. Commmme!

- I sent off the revision of YA-Book-That-Was-Once-Called-Dead-Man's-Palace-but-is-no-longer-and-still-has-No-Official-New-Title! It's in the hands of Awesome Editor now. I'm still not 100% sure about the title, and I'm kind of tempted to do like. . . a poll, and let other people pick. I don't know if that's allowed. We shall see. At any rate things are happening.

- I did a fun little interview with Kidlit 411 and you can win some books within the next five days, so here ya go!

So, that's all I have to say, because I'm in Blarney and about to go ADVENTURING, so until an Ireland  / London / Wales post, thanks again, and byeeee! :D