Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Book Birthdays! - Wedernochs and Whatnots

Hi! I'm crawling out of class reaaaaaally, really quickly to write this. Today things are happening.

EXCITING things.

Things that are happening today:

- The German edition of The Whatnot comes out in German-speaking lands. It's called Die Wedernoch, which translates roughly to The Neither-Nore.

- The US paperback of The Whatnot is also out in American-speaking lands today. It's been out in hardcover since last September, but now it's all handy and economically-priced and bendable and suitable to be squashed into school backpacks, and I hope you like it! :)

I forgot to flip out the German hardcover's bookmark ribbon, but it STILL HAS A BOOKMARK RIBBON, YOU GUYS.
These things are happening not today, but in general:

- I've been pretty bad at internet-ing recently. If you're waiting for an email response or a phone call or a text message, or if I forget to @reply on twitter, or if I promised to do something for you and have not yet, I'M REALLY SORRY. It's not on purpose, and I'm quite busy right now, and school is getting real, but I will catch up eventually, I promise!

- I've gotten several emails about this, and I haven't updated my website in ages (I'll be putting up a FAQ sometime soon, though, haha! who's the quickest? I am), but I thought I'd put it here first:

I'm currently working on a book that sold to Greenwillow/HarperCollins back in 2013, and it's not coming out in 2015 as originally planned, because the book is complicated and crazy and not ready yet. But 2016 it will be released, if all goes well! It's been much harder to write than these last two, but not really in a bad way, if that makes sense? Like, I don't feel particularly stressed about how hard it's been to write, which is probably mostly due to my agent and editor being awesome and patient. I've been rewriting vast portions of it, sometimes several times, and will probably rewrite vast portions a few more times, and it's just not really anything like the last two books I wrote, but I'm very, verrrrry excited about it. So, 2016! It will be here!

- I promised more pictures from the Tokyo trip, but mayhap everyone is bored of my Tokyo pictures, so unless you tell me you want to see more, my next post will be about all the terrible movies my siblings and I watched over and over again as kids. Ja.

Hope every one's well. :) Bye!