Thursday, June 26, 2014

Signing in Tokyo!

 Guess what. . . .

I'm doing a signing in Tokyo.


Haaaaha, one day I'll stop using gifs for absolutely everything.

I'm going to be at Kinokuniya bookstore in the Shinjuku district of Tokyo on JULY 5TH, 2014 starting 2:00PM, to sign books and chat, and I'm not sure anyone will come, because who in Tokyo is going to have any idea who I am, but I'm super excited REGARDLESS. :D

Thank you, Kinokuniya for inviting me!

Also, if you're in Tokyo, or know anyone in Tokyo, or can spread the word to anyone in the vicinity of Tokyo that would be so, so cool of you and we would be friends forever.

Here's the bookstore's page for the event.


  1. I'm coming! I went to the bookstore just last week and I found out that Stefan Bachman was coming but I didn't know who that was ( no offense) but I found out that the book that I bought was by him! I don't read the author name much... I finished The Peculair today and I absolutely loved it! I haven't read or seen The Whatnot yet. I would love to read The Cabinet Of Curiosities as well. I also write stories even though I'm just ten but I hope I have that huge imagination that you have! My dream is to be an author.

    1. Oh, yay, thank you!! And I'm so happy you liked the book! And that you're coming on Saturday! See you there, and best of luck on your writing. That's awesome. :D

  2. Wait, I'm 11 not 10