Thursday, June 26, 2014

Signing in Tokyo!

 Guess what. . . .

I'm doing a signing in Tokyo.


Haaaaha, one day I'll stop using gifs for absolutely everything.

I'm going to be at Kinokuniya bookstore in the Shinjuku district of Tokyo on JULY 5TH, 2014 starting 2:00PM, to sign books and chat, and I'm not sure anyone will come, because who in Tokyo is going to have any idea who I am, but I'm super excited REGARDLESS. :D

Thank you, Kinokuniya for inviting me!

Also, if you're in Tokyo, or know anyone in Tokyo, or can spread the word to anyone in the vicinity of Tokyo that would be so, so cool of you and we would be friends forever.

Here's the bookstore's page for the event.

Friday, June 20, 2014

German Covers vs. US Covers

This is just a super quick post, because I got to see the German cover for The Whatnot, and now I have both covers, and they're so kewwwwwl, and so I have to show everyone ever. Also, I thought it was fun to see how different they are from the US covers. The German covers are basically THE most deconstructed, scaled-back version of the US ones as possible, and the US ones are awesome and bright and busy, and the German ones are like... the elegant skeletons of those. Behold:

I'm pretty sure the US covers are more instantly appealing, but the jpegs don't really do the German ones justice. The German editions have bookmark ribbons and that vaguely noirish, 1920's font that is my favorite thing, and also end-papers. I totally buy books based on whether or not they have end-papers.

Annnnnyway. That's all I have. I'm flying away on Monday, and also The Cabinet of Curiosities got a lovely review from Shelf Awareness, and also we're reading our own short stories aloud in podcast form which you can listen to here. Katherine and Claire read their stories like BOSSES. I sound like a bumblebee. I hope you like them! :)

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Summer Travel (aka, around the world in 30 days)

Dubai being all sparkly and light-y.

Remember this post from last year when I said I really-really-reaaaaally wanted to go to Tokyo, but probably wouldn't because it's faraway and who just randomly goes to Tokyo?

I'm going.

Like, in real life. I'm so excited. Let me explain:

- I'm flying from Zürich to Portland.

This has been planned for a while. We have family friends in Oregon, and Little Brother goes to visit them every summer. He can't travel alone. I lurrrrv travelling. So I was like:

- I'm flying from Portland to Tokyo.

This was not planned at all. After dropping off Little Brother in Portland I'm flying to Vancouver and then to Tokyo. Why I'm flying to Tokyo is a little bit of a long story, but my Mom is going to be in Tokyo and I have never been to Tokyo, so I was like:

The struggle is so real.
- I'm flying from Tokyo to Dubai.

This was planned even less than the not-planned thing. I need to fly back to the US at some point to pick up Little Brother and cart him home to Zürich, and because of logic it's cheaper to fly via Dubai to the US than, ya know, traveling 10,000km less and just flying across the Pacific.

So I was like:

Which means I'm going to Dubaiiiii, you guysss, ahhhh! :D I have friends who have been to Dubai, and they said it was boring and hot and like Las Vegas except you have to wear clothes, and they also said there was nothing to do but shop and eat. And since I'm there during Ramadan, shops and eateries will only open after sundown, so amma just gonna write likeh crazy.

And then I'm flying from Dubai to the US. And then I'm flying back to Switzerland.

I'm literally flying all the way around the world. I hope that makes for one or two good blog posts. I'm a bit tempted to start an Instagram or Tumblr, though, because I feel like blogger is dead. But I dunno. Should I? Do you like Tumblr or Instagram? Or should I just stick with blogger?