Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Super quick FAQ

A lot of emails lately have asked whether there are going to be more fairy books after The Whatnot, and some of the e-mailers thought The Cabinet of Curiosities was a sequel, and others thought Dead Man's Palace was a sequel, and here in the German speaking area the newspapers seem to think I'm going to write like eight more books in this series, because that's what one does, or something.

So, I need to bawl about this for one second, sorry you guyssss! :D

Will there be more books in the series, after The Peculiar and The Whatnot?

No! It's two books. At the end of the first one there's an invisible "To be continued" that's super annoying, and on the last page of the second one it says THE END.


No more faeries or Victorian England and Pikey and Hettie and Bartholomew.

Cabinet is so not a sequel. Dead Man's Palace is some sort of weird YA survival thriller horror modern-day-historical hybrid thing. The book I'm writing now is maybe a tiny bit like TP in some ways (it's MG and fantasy, and it's set in a vaguely Victorianesque secondary world) but it has no connection.

And no faeries.


At all.

. . .

Everybody be like:

I'm kiddiiiiiing, everyone's probably more like:

No more gloom and doooom, hureeehhhhh!
But yeah. It was annoying me a little bit (not the emails, I love the emails, thank you, email-writers!) because just because someone writes fantasy doesn't mean they're going to spend the next ten years of their life writing about the exact same world, or that they're going to write a lengthy series, or that they're even going to write fantasy later.

It don't.

Bye! :)


  1. NOO. i was definitly the first four gifs. more Hetty pleeeeease? *puppy dog eyes*

    1. Sowwyyyyy. I'm gald you liked Hetty, though! :D Thanks for reading!

  2. That is a bit sad. I am reading The Whatnot right now, and so far love it as much as The Peculiar. But I also understand about not wanting to write about the same world for the rest of your life. I don't know how some people do it.
    As long as you do write, I will be happy.

    1. Oh, woo, thank you! I'm super glad you're liking it. :)

  3. :( I thought DMP was Peculair sequel in modern day. Am sad now....

    1. Oops. Yeah. No faeries in that one. Though there are some equally nasty creatures...

  4. Sooo... not another "Redwall", huh? Cuz there's like, 187 of those and I could almost swear every one is almost the same, except for the occasional difference in name and species.

    Still haven't gotten my hands on The Whatnot, but I need to do so very soon. Summer reading!

    1. I tried reading one of the Redwall books a long time ago, because I was obsessed with the cover and... I just never got into it.

      Also, cool, thank youuu! I hope you like it. :)

  5. Love the books, but it is refreshing to NOT see a fantasy series stretch out into a dozen books or something.