Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Alexander Jansson's art for "The Storyteller's Shadow" by Katherine Catmull.
Update: The Cabinet of Curiosities got a starred review today from Publishers Weekly, which called it "A delight." We're delighted they think it's a delight. Thank you, PW! (This is its second starred review after the one from Kirkus, so we're doubly delighted, actually.)


Things are busyyyy. Semester exams are happeninnnng. I just got back from Viennaaaaa. Vienna is amazinnnnng. You should visit iiiiiiit.

Also, The Cabinet of Curiosities is out TODAY. It's marvelous-looking. It's huge. There are extra stories and letters and little tidbits and of course Alexander Jansson's illustrations, and I'm super happy and proud of how it came together. Basically, if you need something to read for long plane rides, or a summer vacation gift for middle-schoolers, or a birthday present for people who breathe air, I think you should pick it up. *pounds wildly on self-promotion drum*

We're doing bunches of things, including a Twitter chat, giveaways, guest posts, podcasts, etc.

And here are some random of pictures of the book. :) Ya know, just randomly. :) Not to convince you of its virtues or anything. :)


Almost 500 pages.
My copies. *pets*

Aren't they cool? I hope you guys enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it, and thanks so much to all the people who made it happen, especially Greenwillow/HarperCollins.

Bye. :)

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Artwork! By Alexander Jansson! Win it!

You guys are probably like SHUT UP STEFAN TOO MANY BLOG POSTS, so I'll keep this short: my awesome publisher Greenwillow is running a competition this month where once per week you can win a signed print of one of the illustrations from the anthology, and read a short story that won't be in the book.

There's only one more day to win this week's, and you currently have a 1 in 15 chance, because it demands you comment and that is a tiresome thing in internet world, but dooooo, because it's a print! That's signed! By Alexander Jansson! Ze artiste!

This week is a print from my story "The Other House", along with the story Poppy and the Poison Garden by Emma Trevayne. Here's the piece you'd get!

Look at its clickety lil' legs!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Super quick FAQ

A lot of emails lately have asked whether there are going to be more fairy books after The Whatnot, and some of the e-mailers thought The Cabinet of Curiosities was a sequel, and others thought Dead Man's Palace was a sequel, and here in the German speaking area the newspapers seem to think I'm going to write like eight more books in this series, because that's what one does, or something.

So, I need to bawl about this for one second, sorry you guyssss! :D

Will there be more books in the series, after The Peculiar and The Whatnot?

No! It's two books. At the end of the first one there's an invisible "To be continued" that's super annoying, and on the last page of the second one it says THE END.


No more faeries or Victorian England and Pikey and Hettie and Bartholomew.

Cabinet is so not a sequel. Dead Man's Palace is some sort of weird YA survival thriller horror modern-day-historical hybrid thing. The book I'm writing now is maybe a tiny bit like TP in some ways (it's MG and fantasy, and it's set in a vaguely Victorianesque secondary world) but it has no connection.

And no faeries.


At all.

. . .

Everybody be like:

I'm kiddiiiiiing, everyone's probably more like:

No more gloom and doooom, hureeehhhhh!
But yeah. It was annoying me a little bit (not the emails, I love the emails, thank you, email-writers!) because just because someone writes fantasy doesn't mean they're going to spend the next ten years of their life writing about the exact same world, or that they're going to write a lengthy series, or that they're even going to write fantasy later.

It don't.

Bye! :)