Friday, February 28, 2014


Die Seltsamen at a bookstore in Zürich. Thank you, Orell Füssli!
So, the German edition of The Peculiar came out a few days ago, and I had all these good intentions to make a video and show you guys the finished copy with its most marvelous bookmark ribbon, and then I didn't because this week has been crazy busy. Basically: school -> eat -> school -> homework -> interviews -> homework -> homework -> homework -> homework -> homework. And I didn't put up my CoC story on Wednesday which is BAD and which must be remedied very soon.

But OH WELL. I want to use this post to say a huge thank you to a bunch of people.

Thank you to my German publisher Diogenes for picking up the book, and for having an awesome team of people who are doing a ton to get the word out about it, and for giving the book it's striking cover that pops so nicely from all the other editions of TP. I love that cover.

Where's Waldo.
Also, a hugeeeeee thank you to Hannes Riffel who translated it, to all the bookshops and booksellers who are selling the book, to the sales reps for telling them about it, and to the media outlets who are running articles and reviews.

And the biggest thank you's to the awesome Swiss and German-language readers who have been picking it up and blogging and tweeting about it. Danke euch viel mals. :)

Thursday, February 13, 2014


Hmm? What is it?
The other day someone asked me whether I had a job. And so of course I was like:

"Ummmm. . ."

And then I was like:

"Wellll. . . "

And then I was like:

"No. I'm a student. Bye."

I know, WHAT, STEFAN, WHAT IS THIS, have some personal pride, but nope.

I don't know things about other things, go away.
This is what one should say:

"I DO have a job. I write books. Yeah, ig-sakly like Harry Potter. And The Hunger Games. My books have magic in them, too. And children. You should buy them. Like, now."

*pushes person out of door/window/elevator toward nearest independent bookstore.*

The problem is I don't look very wise and tormented and author-ly yet, and so when I actually tell people I've written books, one of these things will probably happen.

Option A)

"Oh, you write books? D'you want to get them published?"

Option B)

"Ohhhh, you write books? You were probably homeschooled. Home-schoolers don't have anything else to do."

(I kid you not. This is almost a direct quote. I was having coffee with some friends at a bookstore, and a woman overheard our conversation and said that.)

I be like:

Translation: "You are clearly narrow-minded about these things, and narrow-minded people should not speak."

At which point they're like:

*kids these days*

At which point I have calmed myself and am like:

Option C)

(This one only happens in Switzerland, because there's been an inordinate amount of media stuff over here, and TV crews all up in MAH HOUSE, and people will come up to me on trains and in school and that's a whole 'nother blog post.)

"Ohhhh, you're that kid!" . . . *awkward pause* *awkward pause prolongs itself* *awkward smile and questioning look as if they're waiting for me to do something interesting, because people who have been on TV are not real people actually*

Option D)

"Ohhh, you wrote a book? And it's fantasy? I like fantasy. Let's be friends."

And honestly, these are about 64% of the reactions, and these are the cool people who I like very much, and with whom one can quickly move on to more interesting subjects like cake and the ending of Downton Abbey Season 3. (Because seriously, what was that ending.)

. . .

Anyway, that was a slightly pointless post. Whatever. School is starting again in four days. Also, the German translation of The Peculiar is coming it in two weeks, so I'm going to be posting some stuff related to that. Like it's loverly cover. And maybe a vlog. And some links. And a ton of German-language appearances that are happening sooooon.

Hope you guys are having a great February! Bye. :)