Friday, January 10, 2014

London Advenshah!

So, guess who didn't actually take that many pictures while in London. I made a valiant attempt, though. I have pictures of food, and a puddle, so the essence of the city has been captured, I feel.

Just kiddinnnng I love you, London. :D

I had such a good time. Met good friends, ate good food, saw good art, drank good tea. . . On the first day, Emma Trevayne and I met at Trafalgar Square and we went around the city and had tea and visited an art gallery. After that I met some dear old friends who live in London or within a few hours of it, and the rest if the trip was kind of a whirlwind of walking billions of miles to museums and restaurants because I kept insisting that walking is healthy and taking the tube would be boring. And that's when pictures became very few and far between. But whatever. We had a lot of jabbering to do.

Let's start off with a lovely, appetizing photo of the pink cheese that was served on the flight over. I don't know why the cheese is pink. I don't know what that brown goopy stuff is. Culinary delights, clearly.

Emma's book looking snazzy on the Staff Picks shelf at Foyle's.

The Puddle.

Proper hamburgers. This is London after all. Ent nobadeh wanna eat improper hamburgers.

Cakes at Harrods. Emma was like, "Staaahp, don't look, we're having tea in half an hour."

More sweets at Harrods. I don't know what any of that is, and I've learned to be suspicious of English pastries (*cough* kidney pie) but I'd eat these.

That clock says it's tea time.

Tea options. They were: Strawberries and Cream, Peppermint Chocolate Chip, Apple Pie, and Something Else I Can't Recall. (This is the Mad Hatter Tea at Sanderson's, by the way. If you're in London, you should go, it's so much fun.)

The sugarbox had a small person inside it.

The menu was hidden inside an old book.
The tea is herrrrre!
It was good tea.

Really good tea.

Like, I don't even like tea normally, but I liked this.

The cakes. That clock one was strawberry shortcake, I think. The stripy colorful things was amazinnnng. The colored part is white chocolate, and inside was some sort of mousse with what looked like an egg yolk in the middle. The chcolate cups were filled with green tea mousse.

Strawberry marshmallow mushrooms.

Leetle sandwiches and quiches.

Leetle bottles with layers of flavors in them.
And then I got no pictures for a very long time, until I had met up with the London friends and we were walking toward Mayfair, and it had started to rain.


Horses in Hyde Park. Friend was like, "That totally maybe is the king of England or something." Or something, totally. Maybe.

The Wallace Collection. Caitlin recommended we go here, and she's the best, because this museum is fantastic and I would never have heard of it otherwise.

It's a Skittles milkshake. I was like "Ahhhh." And then I didn't buy it, and I kind of regret that now, because I think it would have been memorably disgusting, and NOW I WILL NEVER KNOW.
I did buy the Cadbury Creme Eggs, though. I've been wanting to try these forever, and now I finally have, and these are memorably disgusting, seriously. They're like eating globs of frosting. Cadbury Caramel Eggs, on the other hand, are really good.

On the way back it got sunny and nice, and there was Buckingham Palace.

And then we had sammiches at some ridiculous hour when most places were closed.
And then I came home and school started again! And my editor read my next boooook! I was bracing myself for literally anything, including being assassinated by HarperCollins ninjas, which I assume is what happens when you write a book under contract and then your editor doesn't like it. But she did like it, and sent the coolest email, and I died of relief, and so thus far 2014 has been great. For you, too, I hope. Bye. :)


  1. Maybe you didn't eat enough Creme Eggs? Because they are seriously nice, like seriouslywowguyswowsonice. They're a switch-off-your-brain-and-enjoy-the-sugar kind of food.

    1. Hmm, I was so expecting to love them, but they're really too sweet for me. Which is weird, because I love almost all candy, ever. I dunno. THE CARAMEL ONES, THOUGH. So good.

  2. Great post! So many comments in my head as I was reading. Here are some random ones-
    Didn't you at least *taste* the gooey stuff to determine its identity? Come on! It was something sweet and fruity to complement the cheese and you could have liked it. Be brave!
    All the pastries look marvelous and the tea party equally so. I love all the ceramic pieces in the photos.
    That music box with the ballerina? I had one eggsactly like it when I was a child!
    Finished another book? You are a machine!

    1. - I was actually super intrepid and took miniscule bites from the gooey stuff AND the pink cheese, and I couldn't figure them out. I think the goopy stuff was dates or something, but I'm not sure anything can complement spotty pink cheese.

      - The tea party was SO GOOD. I think you would have approved of the pastries.

      - Well, finished in the sense that it's on paper more or less. Now the work starts. Haha!

  3. So glad she loved your next book! Can't wait to read. Is this the YA? :)
    All of your London pictures are making me sick to go back. Sounds like you had a fabulous time and so glad you did. London is made of magic…after all, Peter Pan. ;) When I was there, a friend of mine we lost her in Harrod's( no kidding…and yes FUNNIEST story…must tell you sometime) and may or may not have gotten a wee bit…intoxicated during world cup…whoops…ran around screaming in London….oy.

    1. It IS the YA! I was so relieved.

      Also, London is definitely made of magic. And tea. And sandwiches.

      Also, Harrod's is the easiest place to get lost in. So many people. So much food to stand and stare at. xD

      Also, haaaaa. During world cup? Yes, do tell.

  4. Hi Stefan, just finished The Whatnot yesterday! It took me quite long - not because it is boring, but because my life is so busy. It took me a while to warm up, but after reading 1/3 of the book I got in to it again. The ending was glorious. I felt a bit sad, having to say good bye to sweet Hettie and her nice brother Barthy (what lovely siblings they are) and Pikey. So thanks for leading me back in to the world of fantasy :)

    1. Woo, thanks so much! :) I'm glad you liked it, and I'm glad you liked Hettie and Bartholomew! Thanks for reading.

  5. Never underestimate the wonderfulness of a puddle.

    1. Especially a LONDON puddle. Because they're more wonderful than other city's puddles. And more numerous.

  6. Proper hamburgers. Hah. That is going to become a running joke, brother.

  7. Was the brown goopy stuff and pink cheese good? They look kind of frightening.

    Skittles milk shakes! If I ever make it to London I will buy one and try it let you know just how memorably disgusting it is.

    Wow, they put a lot of work into their food. Some of those were pretty! Now I am hungry though. And I want English tea. I love tea, and if you don't like it much but loved their's then it must be really good. I've a new goal to add to life. Have London tea in a London tea shoppe - or, whatever that was. A bakery? Pastry shoppe? Just a normal shoppe and since it is London they had tea in case you were there when tea time came along.

    Oh yes. That definitely had to be the king of England.

    A London puddle! It looks so London-y

    1. YES, do let me know! I'm so curious. I should have just bouuuuuuught it.

      It's a hotel restaurant. I think it's called the Mad Hatter Tea at Sanderson's Hotel. So worth a visit. :)

      I'm quite convinced.

      That puddle was very London-y. Quintessential.

  8. Thanks for sharing the phenomenal photos, Stefan. We'll be in London this summer and you've just inspired me all the more. It was great to meet you last fall in Portland, Oregon; I'm SO looking forward to your next novel! ~ All the best!

    1. Ohhhh, have fun! It's such a great city. And it was awesome to meet you, too! I hope the writing is going well! :D

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