Monday, November 11, 2013

A Little Tiny Tour Re-cap

I got back from tour over a month ago, and I haven't blogged yet because:

Whoa, that came out slightly more vehemently than intended. But you guysssss, why is there school and who invented it? I kind of want to blog about it, because there are lots of interesting tidbits that I find super funny, but I would probably be expelled. So nope.

Tour re-cap. I had the best tour ever. I met tons of nice people, a rude taxi-driver, some very nice taxi-drivers, some old friends and new friends, and my fellow Cabinet Curators! I went to interesting cities I had not been to before, and I spoke to bajillions of school children and signed lots of books and it was great. I took no pictures, though. At all.

So I scoured the internet and found some that my agent took, and then I randomly wrote to Emma Trevayne asking for a picture of her shoes and luckily I don't think Emma cares if she gets unhinged emails from me, so here's what we've got:

Reading and Signing at Boulder Bookstore, in Colorado

Awesome shop. Super awesome people. Polka-dot soooooocks.

Cabinet Curators in Portland:

Claire, Emma, and I were in Portland for panels and signings and such, and we got no group pictures! Which is a travesty really. But Emma's shoes! Aren't they grand? They are.

Also, Wordstock did this cool thing where alllllll the authors sat in a red plastic wing-chair, and Andie Petkus took their pictures. Here's mine:

I like that red-plastic wing-chair. I want it.

Curator Katherine was unable to come to Portland, which was sad, but she was there in SPIRIT in the form of a snazzy houseplant:

It's hard to see, but Katherine is wearing sunglasses and a scarf, as cool houseplants should, and rocking a wild haircut.

I have no pictures of the skyscraper hotel in Austin, or of San Francisco, or Golden Gate Bridge even though I drove right across it, or when we met Laini Taylor and she came to Claire's and my reading (O_O), or of the visit we did at a haunted dessert restaurant in Portland where April Tucholke and Kendare Blake and I talked about STABBING.

But it was fun and I'm super grateful I got to go, and now I need to do homework or write or something, because Dead Man's Palace needs to be handed in in like three weeks.

Bye! :)


  1. Dude. You need to brush up on your photography skills. Take camera out of pocket, point, click, repeat.

    Sounds like a fun trip! (Too bad WE can't see any of it...) :-D

    1. But what if there is no camera innnn the pocket? This was my problem. xD

      It was super fun, though, YES.

  2. Yes, what she said. The problem is that some people are very visual (Me, Rosie_Kate) and some people are very....wordy...and see the pictures in their minds and expects everyone else to see the tour in mind pictures because, who needs cameras when you have words and keyboards? Am I right?

    1. Sorry for the bad grammar there. (oops!)

    2. This is true. But there weren't many words in that tour re-cap either, so it was really just a sad presentation all-round. NEXT TIME. .)

  3. Oh, it would be interesting to read your opinion about schools...:) Nice to hear your back safely from USA. I suppose, it's often like that: When your in the situation, taking photos does not seem important. Regret comes after...


  5. I forgive you for not taking any pictures, it's totally okay! :) I wish I could have come and seen you on tour! :) Oh my goodness, I love the idea of the plant that is absolutely hilarious! ;) Nice picture Stefan, I l♥ve that red chair, it is just gorgeous, I understand completely why you want it! :D You're totally rocking those awesome striped socks! :)

  6. Those aren't shoes I'd wear but I like 'em. A lot. Way unique.
    The GIFs work on my laptop, btw. Guess the PC at work decided I should be, well, working.

  7. Lolz u are awesome dude.

    Btw if there's no camera, use your hands and PRETEND to take a picture. People will think you are crazy, and if they ask, just say you have a photographic memory. That's what I do. XD