Wednesday, September 18, 2013

THE WHATNOT - Writing Playlist

Hi, peoples. THE BUSY. It has been busy-ing. I'm going to be terrible about blogging in the coming months, and I apologize in advance, but since The Whatnot is coming out in like five minutes, I'm going to do a quick spat of Whatnot-centric posts.

First will be a playlissssst. In pretty much every interview I've ever done, I blab about how I can't write to music, and that it distracts me, and that it just doesn't do, and then at some point between writing The Whatnot and now I decided I liked writing with music after all. I wrote almost all of Dead Man's Palace to smashing drums and Daft Punk's Tron and such-like. So, that makes sense.

Anyway. All these tracks played on repeat so much during the drafting and revising and polishing and more-revising and copyedits of The Whatnot.

Anna Karenina by Dario Marianelli

This was my by far favorite film score from last year. A lot of people thought the movie was boring and cold, but I must have been too distracted by the crazy revolving sets and productions design, because I thought it was great.

And the muuuuuusic. It's by Dario Marianelli. With the first book, Marianelli's Atonement soundtrack was playing all the time, and with numbah two it's this one. I love it so much. I listened to it mostly during the writing of Hettie's scenes in the Old Country. The music's a little bit dark and often sad, but also wacky and surreal sometimes, and has some manic waltz bits. So it fit the faery world pretty well, I thought.

The Wolfman by Danny Elfman

I've not seen this movie. I was going to, because it's Gothic terror and Victorians being eaten by wolves, but then a friend watched and said it was one of the bloodiest movies EVER, and since I only write about creepy things but don't like watching them at all, I didn't. I bought the soundtrack, though, and it's great. Very dark, very minor-key, lots of spooky tracks switching off with driving, action-y tracks.

Jane Eyre by Dario Marianelli

Haven't seen this one either. Another Dario Marianelli soundtrack. Because he's kind of a genius. This one is all terribly tragic violins and deep cellos and horns. I used it especially for when sad things happen in the book, and when dreams are crushed and the characters get up and keep going anyway.

The Village by James Newton Howard

If you are one of the five people in the world who liked this movie, too, you must let me know. It's actually one of my favorites. I love the acting and I love the cinematography and I love the score. The score is very autumn-y and didn't really fit with Whatnot's wintry tone, but I played it a lot for the scenes where Pikey and Hettie are dreaming of better lives and better places, because the music has such a warm, glow-y feel to it a lot of the time.

Sherlock Holmes by Hans Zimmer

I'm not a huge Hans Zimmer fan. His soundtracks, especially his super popular ones like Pirates of the Caribbean, tend to be overproduced to the point of haziness and mudiness. But I love this one. It has a lot of wacky instruments and shadings, and I had it playing a lot during street-urchin Pikey's chapters, when he's running around the steampunk London.

And that will have to do for nowwww. There were other tracks and CDs that played a lot but these were the main ones. Also, I'm fairly obsessed with music so if you have any new discoveries tell them to meeeee, because I want to know them. Anything. Not necessarily film scores. I love finding new stuff. Bye! :D


  1. I've not seen any of the movies but Sherlock Holmes and The Village, both favourites of mine, though it took me watching The Village twice to really like it. The first time I was too busy hiding under the blankets.
    I love the soundtrack to The Village. That is one of my favourite movie scores and I listen to...I think it is called The Road or something like that all the time while I write.
    HUZZAH for the Whatnot being out. I know what I'm buying when I get my pay check.

    1. Right?? Hilary Hahn's violin playing. And the swoopy arpeggios. And the themes. And the action-bit. I love it so, Also, thank you. :) A lot. I hope you like it.

  2. Guess what I am buying in the morning?!? Do not pass go, do not collect $200. Go directly to Bahnhofstrasse!

    1. :D Thank yooou! This made me happy. I'm going to sneak into The Bookshop tomorrow too and take pictures and possibly freak out a little bit to see it in the wild.