Sunday, August 4, 2013

Worst Travel-Writer of all the Times (and also Kittens)

I'm back! From America. And I'm going again. To Paris. And Versailles. In a few days. And the PLAN for this post was to write an absolutely thrilling and colorfully-illustrated travelogue about my adventures, but then I got the weirdest selection of pictures and most of them are of kittens.

So instead this is going to be a mediocre and mostly uneventful overview, but Paris will HAVE BETTER PICTURES, I promise. :D

Everyone's like:
Ok then.

The Bad

- on the flight to NYC I sat next to a dog. It yapped. For ten hours. This is without a doubt fifty million times worse than crying babies.

- JFK airport people are rude. ALL OF THEM, EVER. Just kidding, maybe I got a particularly control-freakish border person, but he got all eye-rolly on me when I filled out the customs slip in pencil instead of pen. Like, no one actually cares.

The Slowly-Improving

- On my flight to Portland, the yappy dog was replaced by a shoe designer for Nike. He jabbered to me about sports people. He would be like, "I designed shoes for bla-bla," and I'd be like, "Whoa," even though I had never heard of them. I'm sure they're very famous, though.

The Good

- I got to Oregon.



- There were kittens.

- There was food. The mom of the family I was staying at is a fantastic cook.

 - And then kittens.

 - And kittens.

 - Kittens.

- Kittens in pots.

- I learned how to play pool.

I was fantastic at it. Sometimes? I managed to hit the ball with the stick.
- I went to Timberline Lodge where they filmed bits of The Shining.

- Kittens

- And then I have no relevant pictures until this one, which is of a garbage can in Atlanta.

In Georgia they plug in their garbage cans, no doubt to save the environment.

I also wandered around Portland, and waited in line for half an hour with Shannon and Alyssa for Voodoo donuts, and had goat cheese ice cream and vinegar ice cream and cilantro ice cream, and bought books at Powell's aka the coolest, hugest bookstore ever and bought more books in Hood River and bought one more book in Denver, and visited Taco Bell for the first time, and went to a massive mall and watched Pacific Rim, but I have no photographic evidence of any of this.

BOOKS. Which have you read, tell meeee.
So. I will stop this rambly post with a picture of my to-read pile, and I would love to hear if you guys have read any of these and whether you liked any of them lots and whether I should read one of them right this very second, because they all look good and are shiny. Bye! :)


  1. Love this! Hilarious! Thanks for the laugh. Needed that.

    1. Oh, good, thanks. Despite it being all about kittens xD

  2. AHHHH KITTENS! I just want to say I'm glad - despite the yappy dog and customs guy - you had a great time here. Just so you know, A NORTHERN LIGHT is one of the best books I've ever read. It is beautiful and real and gorgeous historica fiction and just really, really great. Though it takes place in the early 1900's, I believe Mattie and her story can be relevant today (and her feelings! FEELINGS! the struggle!). I freaking love that book. TIGER LILY is also lovely - I didn't expect to like it as much as I did (it is interestingly about Tiger Lily but written in the POV of Tinkerbell, which I had to get used to). THE DARKEST MINDS is fun, but a very dreary world...I'd also like to say it is kind of like have powers, and it sort of takes place "today" maybe in alt. history, or a tiny bit in the future. It's not so far off.

    1. Ok, so I just finished NORTHERN LIGHT. It's fantastiiiic. Like, every chapter's first sentence could be the first sentence of a book. And the characters. So well-written.


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  4. i liked rush by eve silver. :)

    1. Me too! It was one of the ones I took with me. :)

  5. Tiger Lily, Rush, and Siege and Storm, all fantastic.

    Did you get the crazy ice cream at Salt & Straw in Portland? My favorite is the olive oil flavor....

    1. RUSH, YES. Tiger Lily and Siege and Storm I still need to read.

      And I did. So gooooood. The weird/gross flavors didn't even taste weird or gross which was nice. xD

  6. OH MAN KITTENS. :D (PS: By the next time you return to the east coast of America, I will have a kitten. So, further incentive to come to Ithaca and visit me. :) )

    I haven't read Siege and Storm yet, but I LOVED the first one. And A Northern Light is great. So is Jennifer Donnelly's other YA historical, Revolution. SO VERY GOOD.

    1. Kittens are so the best. I wish they would just stay kittens forever. That *is* a good reason to visit. xD

      And I finished Northern Light. It's fantastic. I'm going to put off reading the French revolution one until laterrrr. BUT THEN. I want to read everything by Donnelly. She wrote several adult historicals, too, that look great.

  7. Oh yeah. *Thumbs up*

    Yippy dogs are terrible. I can't stand walking past them, I don't know how you made the whole flight without jumping out the window.

    That food made me hungry, the chicken looks good. (Chicken? Looked like chicken...the meat.)

    Ooooo!!!!! Kittens!!! Cute, fluffy kittens!!! They're so cute.

    You got Fever Crumb, that is a good book. All of Reeve's are good - at least all the ones I've read. EP!!! And Seraphina!!! I love that book!! Actually, I've been wanting to re-read it. Wonderful story, one of my favourites.
    The rest, I've seen but never read.

    Oh, but which book to read first, if you insist we let you know I shall tell you. Seraphina. (Surprise) Because it is that amazing.

    1. Actually, I think everyone just wanted to throw the DOG out the window. Buuuut I think flying hurts dog's ears or something, so I mostly felt sorry for it and was annoyed at the owner.

      And it IS chicken. :D AND IT WAS DELICIOUS.

      *high fives* I'm a massive Philip Reeve fan. All the books I've read by him are great. I think I'm going to read Fever Crumb next actually. Yes.

  8. Apparently I'm having technical difficulties again. I tried commenting on this post too, but it has disappeared. If you get two comments, um, sorry. But here's the summary: Kittens = funny and EVERY DAY = a very good book.