Friday, August 16, 2013


Paris bloooog. This will be all pictures. And I'll post more pictures soon. And then I can pretend I'm a super disciplined blogger who puts up content regularly and never forgets to post three weeks in a row EVER. :D

When going to Paris one must pack all the colored socks, I feel.

4 hours of train-riding later we're therrre. The lady sitting across from us was telling someone how it used to be a 9-hour train-ride from Zürich to Paris. We dropped off our stuff at the hotel and here is me toddling off to see the city.

Pretty Paris.

Pretty tiny.

Pretty huge.

Two-story carousel in the middle of the city that struck me as cool and steampunk-ish.

A house boat on the Seine.

The Pistacherie down the road from our hotel. It literally just sells nuts in all their many varieties.
That evening we went and got food and were screamed at by an angry Frenchwoman while crossing the street. I don't know why. Perhaps because of reasons, but perhaps not.

These were for sale in the English foods section of one of the shops. Isn't it definitely the most appetizing and appealing way to market processed peas? It is.

AHHH, DO YOU SEE? DO YOU SEE WHOSE BOOK IS FACE-OUT IN A PARIS BOOKSTORE? It was an English bookstore, but still, made me happy.

We found a little candy shop.

We bought things there. Here are the fruit jellies. They were not fantastic to be honest, and neither were the caramels, and it's always sad to eat not-fantastic candy because if you're going to eat junk the junk should really taste amazing.


The Arch of a Slightly Less-Auspicious Triumph.

French café food. So good. And fast. It only takes about five or ten minutes to be served at most places, even in tourist areas and during lunch hours which is crazyyyy.
Angry cat at the Louis Vuitton shop, there to encourage people to buy handbags.

Mom was enamored with this guy's spiky shoes. She took many surreptitious pictures of them.
Breakfast. The less-healthy looking plate is mine.

The Pont des Arts bridge. See the railing?
It's covered with these locks. The locks are for when you're madly and desperately in love. You buy a padlock and lock it onto the bridge and throw the key into the Seine and then you and your significant other will stay together forever and ever unless you don't in which case oh well, the lock stays on the bridge in Paris and it's suddenly very tragic.
Statue was erected by the school children of America maybe instead of math class.

Ok, that was long. And Part II is still coming. It will be about a design museum in Paris and visiting Versailles and taking pictures of the door-locks there because THEY ARE IMPORTANT FOR BOOKS, really. We didn't go into Notre Dame, or the Louvre, or the catacombs, mostly because it's summer and the lines are ridiculous. But it was a ton of fun. And Versailles was awesome.

Bye! :)


  1. Canned mushy peas. In France. The center of the universe for all food snobbery. So ironic!!

    Your (mom's) photos almost made me feel like I was there, walking the streets with you. Thanks!

    1. It was for the expats, I think. I mean, some people just need their mushy peas no matter where they are. xD

      And yeah, pictures are all my mom's. I forget to take pictures...

  2. I love the cat. Next time take me with you. Also, your blogs always make me laugh =]

    1. Haha! Are you encouraged to by an LV bag now? I knew it. Also, you should have commmmme. Also, woo, thank you. :D

  3. That SO AWESOME! So awesome it has two stories, it just couldn't all be contained in one!

    There is no appealing way to market processed peas. They're "Eew" all the time, so mushy is about as good as it gets I suppose. :) Honest advertising at its finest.

    So many wonderful pics. :D

    1. RIGHT? I don't think it was actually running right then, but it looked cool. And that's actually true, re: mushy peas. At least you know what you're getting. xD

      Also, thanks! :)

  4. So much fun! You are such a witty blogger. I love it. The picture I really want to talk about is the colored socks. Not for the obvious reasons, but because of the BOOK that was in there. I loved that one. I got it on audio and Neil read it himself and it was a million colors of awesome.

    1. Aw, thanks! Also, I took that book all the way with me and then ended up not reading it. But it's small and short so it was fine. :) SOON.

  5. NOOOO no catacombs. Alas. :( They are awesomesauce.

    Did you make it to the Opera Garnier? I suspect some of your "pretty" photos are from there. Because I am a nerd.

    Also, I lived in England for five months and I still find the phenomenon of mushy peas horrifying. Doubly so if they come in cans. Bleck.

    Also also: I really want to go back to Paris. Two days is SO not enough.

    1. I knowww, I was sitting in the hotel room looking them up, and there was this vast line on Google street-view. I was like, "Ok, no."

      And ack, we didn't see the opera house! I mean, the pictures might be from that area, but we totally missed it. Which is lame. It would have been cool to watch something there. :D

  6. Your pictures remind me of all the reasons I want to visit France, I'M JELLY. :D
    If/when I ever do go, I will most definitely have to make a stop at The Pistacherie to pick up some nuts for my dad. And a stop at the two-story carousel to go for a ride. Because what better to do in Paris than ride on a two-story carousel?
    I've never seen some places like these before, so your pictures are much appreciated for more reason than one! :D

    1. Um, YES. It's right next to the Eiffel Tower, by the bridge. You should totally ride it if it's running. And glad you liked it! :D

  7. First off your socks are cool. Everyone needs more socks like that and they are very Paris fitting.

    The pretty, pretty, pretty small cracked me up 8-D.

    COOL!!!! About your book!! Did you dance a jig in the book store? I would have had I been in your place.

    Very true about junk food. It should taste amazing. Pity the candy didn't, that had to be a let down.

    I'd go to France for the food alone, even more so if they serve it fast!

    The lock thing, that is great. I should sneak that into one of my books somehow.

    This post was great! I can't wait for part two. You make travel posts actually fun, most I just skim over because I get board and envious I wasn't there in person. (Mind, I'm still envious, but at least it was fun to read.)

    1. Aw, thank you. :D EVERYONE needs colored socks, seriously. People would be so much happier.

      And I didn't do a jig in the bookstore, but it was exciting. We went in just because it was an English shop, and I went to the kids section soo not expecting to find The Peculiar there, and then it was. And I hyperventilated a bit. xD

      Also, yes, the food is amazing. It completely makes up for the candy.

      And I'm glad you liked the post! Thank you. :)