Sunday, July 7, 2013


Goodness me, I haven't blogged in agessss.

I wrote a bunch, though. I have most of a draft done of Dead Man's Palace, and it's about 60,000 words long, and I'm mostly happy with the overall gist. It still needs lots of polishing and filling-out, but it has bunches of action and fighting and twisty-ness, which of course is far more important than coherence just kidding you didn't read that ANYWAY: I'm hoping to give it to my Mom for a first-read in a week or two. And then off it will go to my trusty beta readers like so:

Page order is irrelevant at this point.
And THEN: I'm going to spend most of the summer traveling. I have to because classes start again in September at which point I will mostly just sit at a computer and never move again.

Next week I'm flying to Oregon in Merry America to pick up Little Brother from family friends and drag him back to Switzerland.

When I'm back, I'm going to Versailles briefly to absorb a bit of French atmosphere and look at the palace so I can get some details right for the above-mentioned book.

And then I WAS going to go on an epic road-trip to Ireland, but because of reasons we are no longer doing that, so maybe we'll go to Venice or Serbia. And I really want to go to Tokyo. Everyone be lahk wuuut, but you see, a friend went recently and showed pictures and I'm suddenly rather smitten by the notion. I probably won't go this summer because it's expensive and far away, but I'd like to.

Doesn't it look like it will give you epilepsy fabulous? I know.

And now three quick promo-y things:


Christopher Paolini gave The Whatnot a super nice blurb. This made me go all:

 He also blurbed The Peculiar, but he wrote a new blurb for this one. Here's what he said:

"The kid can write! A wonderfully evocative world, beautiful prose, and interesting characters. The Whatnot is cool and creepy. Bachmann just keeps getting better and better. Can't wait to see what he does next."  Christopher Paolini (who is an NYT-Bestselling author and has sold like 30 million books and actually blurbs very few books so is super nice for blurbing mine.Thank you a TON, Christopher Paolini!)


The audiobook of The Peculiar is going to be free to download from July 11th to July 17th as part of the SYNC program, and it's paired with Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens. I've never listened to the audiobook. I don't dare, but the people who have listened to it told me the narrator is awesome and has this posh British accent, so if you like posh British accents, free things, creepy faeries, or all of the aforementioned, you should download it.


I have a few new stories up on The Cabinet of Curiosities since I've last blogged about it, and so do the awesome Emma, Claire, and Katherine, and you should reeead them. One of us posts a new vaguely unsettling short story every Wednesday, and we're all busily writing more for the anthology, and it's fun.

Also, I recently got an email complaining that my stories are full of liberal agendas. I was like, "Oohh, liberal agendas!"

I assume they're like regular agendas, only blue.

Anyway, I hope you guys have a really great summer. Are you traveling? WHERE ARE YOU GOING? Will we see each other? Bye. :)