Friday, June 7, 2013

THE WHATNOT Sneak-peak!

Made A Discovery the other day: The first 40 or so pages of The Whatnot are online. Usually whenever I see a link to an excerpt I will click on it, read the first sentence or two, be like, "Ohhh, intriguing," and then run away, because a) reading online is annoying and b) if I get hooked I will PINE for the book until it comes out, usually months and months later, and that's even more annoying.

But here it is ANYWAY. I don't think there are any spoilers in the first 40 pages. I might be wrong, though, so if you haven't read The Peculiar, you may want to skip this. Or if you have no intention of reading The Peculiar than you can read this regardless of spoilers because I've heard it's possible to read as a stand alone. :)

(Also, this is an excerpt from the ARC, so it's an uncorrected proof copy, there might be mistakes, blablabla, typos, silly writer, hope you guys are having a great day, byeeeee!)


  1. SNEAK-PEEK!!!!
    MORE, MORE, MORE, MORE!!!! Ah, Stefan why'd you do that! Or as Retta might say: "Why YOU disturb my peaceful mindset human?!"
    I was perfectly calm in waiting for this book but OH no, you tempt me with a delicious tidbit...I WANT MORE!!

    1. I SORRY. xD But it's not so far away now. I hope you liiiike it!!

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