Friday, April 19, 2013


If you can say that word up there I'll give you a cookie.

But you can't, so I won't.

Unless you did, in which case here's a cookie.

Basically it's this giant parade in Zürich, and when you're in primary school you get the day off and go watch hundreds of children in historical costumes walk around the Old Town and throw candy (if they feel like itsometimes they don't feel like it and eat all the candy themselves, in which case BITTER ENVY ENSUES) and at the end a snowman is put on a pyre and gets his head blown off in this very stone-age ritual sort of way, and everyone's like YAAAYYY, because the faster his head is blown off the better the summer will be.

It's very scientific.

If you'd like to see the slow demise of the snowman, I found a video. The snowman's name is Böögg, because I mean if you had a snowman, wouldn't you name it Böögg? I would.

Anyway, I'm going to post ALL THE PICTURES. I didn't go to the parade this year, but my mom did, and Little Brother did, too, so I'm stealing their photos:

Mr. Bögg before his fiery demise. He looks so calm and clueless, smoking his pipe. He doesn't realize that in a few hours his head will explode and everyone will be happy about this.

Be-costumed kids. This is basically the whole parade. Note all the candy bags.

Horsesssss. Mom likes horses muchly, so there were lots of horse pictures so sort through.

Shadow's all like, "STAHP, I want this discarded flower."

"Let me eat cake, and you can just watch."

More be-costumed kids.

Be-wigged French children.

The Lady in Plum is looking far too happy today. You should be off kidnapping changelings, why are you even in Zürich.

Period-correct accessories.


Candy accident.


Haha! Camel.

A funeral band? Of sultry, serene-sounding bagpipes? I guess.

I want the socks.

Cheerleaders and pom-pomsssss, just becausssssse.

Isn't this the creepiest? Like, in the red? Like they're little vampires or something.

And lastly, remember how a few months ago I posted this blog of Little Brother's photos? And you guys were all very nice and cool about it? So he was encouraged to start his own photo-blog, and I think his pictures are great. If you peeked in once in a while, he would think you even cooler.

Bye. :)

Friday, April 5, 2013

2nd Book Deal!!!


So, Greenwillow/HarperCollins bought two more books. And I get to write them. And I'm freakishly happy and grateful about this.

Here's the announcement that was in Publishers Weekly yesterday:

I've been sitting on this news for about six months, which actually HASN'T BEEN TERRIBLE, as I've been busy with other things. But yeah, so exciiiiited, you guysssss. Greenwillow is awesome and so is my editor, and I'm just really happy I get to work with them longer.

I don't know if I'm allowed to say anything about the second book in the deal, but here are six points about the first book:

1. It's called Dead Man's Palace. Maybe. Except my mom hates this title. She thinks it sounds like a book about pirates, which is not ideal, because there are no pirates in this book. D'you guys like it, or no? I don't know what my editor's opinion on it is, but if she hates it, too, then it will NO LONGER be called anything like Dead Man's Palace.

2. It's YA. So I can make it scary. (Haha.)

3. It's a standalone. 

4. It's going to be a wayyy different style for me. With The Peculiar and The Whatnot, I spent a ton of time  on pretty writing and a historical faery-tale-ish tone, but this one is going to be more of a bare-bones, survivalist-type thriller, and characters will DIE, and things will get CRAZY.

5. I shan't say if there's any fantasy in it or not. However, it is does take place mostly in ze now, so the people in it will draw from real-life, much more than the characters in the faery books. (Not like REAL, real life, though. Don't worry, real-life friends. I won't put you into books and air your deepest darkest secrets.)

(Unless they're really juicy secrets that lend themselves well to YA books.)

(I kid, I promise. . . xD)

6. I'm DETERMINED to make it sharp, fast, and surprising, and I'm going to work at it until it is.