Friday, March 22, 2013

Three Reasons for Being Non-Existent and Book 2's Synopsis

So, that little box over to the right? That says I update this blog every Tuesday? 

Sorryyyy. But I have REASONS. Three of 'em:

That means three. Also, you can maybe tell how little I have to talk about by the number of gifs in this post. YES. :D 

REASON 1: I'm doing line-edits for The Whatnot, which is like where I stare at a sentence for an hour, change one word, stare the sentence for another hour, put the word back, and ONWARD.

Victorious baboon.
REASON 2: I'm preparing for these big tests that turn me from a little tiny junior music student into an actual grown-up music student. If I pass them. And I kinda want to pass them. I'm not used to not passing things. If I didn't pass I'd be all like:

Entitled, tantrum-throwing baboon.
(Which I'm sure would make a huge difference to the turning of the universe. I mean, tantrums, you guys. They always help. Also, shaking the BRAINS out of pumpkins.)

REASON 3: I don't actually have a third reason. But those other two - they keep me busy. 

Whatever, hopefully I'll be back into blogging SOON, and in the meantime I have the official synopsis for The Whatnot, ahhhhh!

Happy baboon.

Possible spoilers if you haven't read The Peculiar, but come see. . .

Oh, the Sly King, the Sly King, in his towers of ash and wind.

Pikey Thomas doesn’t know how or why he can see the changeling girl. But there she is. Not in the cold, muddy London neighborhood where Pikey lives. Instead, she’s walking through the trees and snow of the enchanted Old Country or, later, racing through an opulent hall. 
She’s pale and small, and she has branches growing out of her head. Her name is Henrietta Kettle.  

Pikey’s vision, it turns out, is worth something. Worth something to Hettie’s brother—a brave adventurer named Bartholomew Kettle. Worth something to the nobleman who protects him. And Pikey is not above bartering—Pikey will do almost anything to escape his past; he’ll do almost anything for a life worth living. 

The faeries—save for a mysterious sylph and a mischievous cobble faery or two—have been chased out of London. They’ve all gone north. The army is heading north, too. So Pikey and Bartholomew follow, collecting information, piecing together clues, searching for the doorway that will lead them to Hettie. 


Does that sound intriguing? :D I hope it does. I hope you guys like this book, because I'm PRETTY EXCITED ABOUT IT.
Anyway, add it on Goodreads if you'd like to, and also go check out the newest stories over on The Cabinet of Curiosities, which is where three brilliant ladies and I write creepy stories every week, annnnd I'm done plugging things. I hope everyone is having jolly good time. Lemme know what you think of the synopsis!
Bye. :) 

Friday, March 1, 2013

Tommy's Pictures

Hi, you guys! I have nothing to blawg about and my little brother takes pretty photographs, so NATURE WALK, and go:


Retty's all like, "Da wuz close." . . . Just kidding. She's an expert arrow-fetcher. She retrieves them for Little Brother when he is practicing his Robin Hood skillz.

Aren't those good? :D I'm pretty sure Little Brother is going to come and secretly read the comments, so if you like his photos and want to tell him so, it would make him happy.

Bye. :)