Saturday, February 23, 2013

Liebster Award: 11 Questions

I got a blogger awarrrrd. Ahem. Not that I *deserve* it, as this blog has been crazy neglected these past few weeks, but thanks River for nominating me. :)

What I'm supposed to do is list 11 random facts about me and then answer 11 questions by the nominator and then nominate another 11 bloggers and then ask them 11 new questions, and all that seems like a ton of work, so I'm afraid I'm only going to do the 11 facts about ME.

"Why, Stefan, what a good idea that's not at all narcissistic."

I know, but see, I tried to do all the things and it started taking all day, and I'm supposed to be working on other things. So whatever.

11 random facts about Stefan

1. When I was ten or eleven I used to go rock-climbing or hall-climbing or whatever it's called. One time I did a really tough wall that I'm pretty sure was a thousand feet high and had an overhang, and I was not a very good climber, and at one point I was near the top, hanging on by a toe and two fingers or something, and it reeeeeally hurt and I started bawling, but my instructor was way below and couldn't hear my TEARS OF ANGUISH and I was too freaked out to drop forty feet and wait for my harness to catch me (or not), so I just shut up and made it to the top. I feel like there's a life lesson in their somewhere.

2. I don't like talking to people on phones. Like, I love meeting people in real life, but I used to get heart palpitations having to call someone, and I basically died this one one time when a prospective agent asked me to phone her up. I don't mind it anymore, but phones are still. . . not my thing. So don't call me if you can help it. I've been known to pointedly ignore my cell phone rings like a jerk.

3. My family has horses and a dog, and since our house is next to this huge barn, people often ask us if we're farmers. We're not, we're just quaint and rustic.

4. My middle name is Leopold. This is a secret.

5. I made up about fifty-thousand nicknames for my little brother when we were kids and would use them for months on end, in lieu of his actual name. The ones I remember are: "Boojy, spiderbaby, and Wulu-Garuda." (I'm serious. Don't ask me, because I no longer remember REASONS.) 

6. I love the decline of the aristocracy as a subject. One day I want to write really, really big book about it.

7. When I was eight or nine I started plotting a fantasy trilogy that had morphed and changed and developed pretty much non-stop until I started writing The Peculiar in 2010. It's always had the same titles (The White Rose, The Black Rose, and The War of the Roses - I thought they sounded dramatic and tragic at the time) and if I remember right it was about two brothers in an alternate early 19th century world, and one is a magical copy of the other and was supposed to be entirely identical, only something went wrong and he was born blind. The Original is the son of a high-ranking member of government and so his copy is raised to be his double and his stand-in in case of assassinations. And then the mother prefers the copy over the Original, even though he's supposedly sub-human, and the Original becomes evil, and I think in the end, after much brotherly-drama, the Original is an assassin for the bad guys, and the Copy is trained to kill him, and there 's a big conspiracy with a race of sinister invaders and blablabla. I have no idea if I'm ever going to write it, but I doubt it.

9. At one point I was obsessed with Yu-Gi-Oh. Like, this trading card game:

It was funny. It was this huge trend in the early 2000's, and I spent ridiculous amounts of money on card packages, and all my friends played, too, and we were all obsessed to the point of lunacy. Now I have mountains of cards just sitting in a cupboard.

10. True story: when I was four, my oldest brother would drive a bike up the hill outside our house and I would sit on the cross bar and we would go down the hill! Like, fast. Like, really fast. And one time Oldest Brother was like, "OK, I'M GOING TO DO A TRICK NOW." And then we crashed. Violently. On concrete. And I got a concussion. And from thenceforth I was crazy.

I also tripped over a fire-hydrant once and broke two fingers in my right hand.

11. When I'm nervous I yawn a lot. This is one of the relaxation techniques you learn really early in music and stage performance, and it's become a habit.

So, like, competition in front of a row of snooty judges = yawn. 

Concert in front of a million-bajillion people = yawn.


Ok, that's all. :) Bye.

OH, WAIT NO. Emma Trevayne, who is a brilliant and who beta read my second book, just sold her steampunk creepy fantasy adventure to Simon & Schuster AT AUCTION. This one is so good. You'll want it when it comes out. In the meantime you could go say congrats. :D


  1. ~Haha I used to collect Pokemon cards instead when I was eleven!! (All my Pokemon Card collecting buddies have been missing since I was 12 =( I haven`t seen them in ages and I really do miss them...)

    ~I should try it, yawning. When I get nervous, I sweat so much on my palms, worst is during exams! There was a time when my whole exam paper was practically soaked when I was 9 and I recall it was because the teacher was standing next to me, staring at me. I was stunned I couldn`t write anything! WORST. EXAM. EVER.

    ~Also, careful who reveal your full name to! O_O You can never know who has a Death Note with them....! And I would love to read your book on the decline of aristocracy, some day... it`s a pretty awesome subject. *grins*

    1. POKEMON. :D Yeah, my siblings collected that and then it was *out* or something by time I was to the obsessive collecting stage.

      Also, aw. I hope you passed the exam anyway. :) Yawning is much less messy.

  2. Every good quirky author should have a tic. That's what the yawning is. A tic.

    Also... a fire hydrant? Really? Don't tell me these things. I'm a mother of boys and I don't need to know that even fire hydrants are dangerous.

    1. Haha! I'm just a klutz. I doubt fire hydrants are a a hazard for MOST people. xD

  3. 2. Several of my kids had this problem at your age too. It seems to be something you just have to go through to be an adult because mom used to handle all the phone stuff and now you gotta do it.
    4. I knew this. (But forgot)
    5. And in the end you settled on the very creative "Kid".
    11. My musician son stretches when he is nervous. Driving to an audition or a concert call time, I could always tell how nervous he was feeling by how frequently he was stretching.

    1. Actually I still call him Boojy from time to time. ;) "Kid" is my sister's name for him!