Monday, December 31, 2012

Grumpy Post

Our TREE. My Mom is one of those snazzy people who decorates her tree differently every year. Note all the dead reindeer and people hanging in the branches. Snazzeh.

So. Guess from whence shiny halls I was just released. . .



"Lunatic asylum."



NO, gah, the hospital.

Now surely you're like, "You were at the HOSPITAL? Were you sick? Did you die? Is that why you've been conspicuously absent from social media these past few weeks? Is that why you haven't been answering my texts, and why you cancelled that interview, and why you're behind in revisions, and why you twitter-snubbed me last Wednesday, and why you didn't come eat holiday-inspired cupcakes with us even though you PROMISED to eat holiday-inspired cupcakes with us?"

Yeah, that would probably be why. And I know, it's lame. It's so lame it makes me mad. Usually when I get behind in things, or find myself unable to do the things I know I need to be doing I'll just be all, "STOP BEING A LAZY DAISY, STEFAN" *cracks whip*

But this time when I tried it, it just went like. . .

*dramatic faint*
So yeah. I had a ton of stuff going on. I got sick. They shipped me off to Hospital. I lay in a state of delirium for several days and listened to the jabberings of the other invalids (Ohhh, those invalids. They are going to be put into books. Poor, unsuspecting invalids.)


I don't like being sick. I don't particularly like hospitals. I don't like having tubes stuck into my arms. Like seriously, how gross is that. IVs are disgusting. And I'm not sure I like doctors either.

Doctor: *shakes Stefan's hand*
Stefan: "I have the PLAGUE. I'm pretty sure it's the bubonic kind. You'll probably die now, too."
Doctor: *ignores Stefan*
Stefan:  "Or it might be faeries. Whadaya gonna do if it's faeries, huh?"
Doctor: ??

So narrow-minded.

I also got an ultrasound. From the pictures I'm guessing my child will weigh 242,000 tonnes and will feature a general store and a saloon and approximately 700 cacti.


You probably didn't think that was funny, but I did, so there. And just FYI, they do ultrasounds for other things than babies. Ya know, things like THE PLAGUE.

I also grew a beard out of sheer laziness. It's pretty impressive. Oh wait, no it's not. It looks my face is moldy.


Well, that was cheery! :D Seriously, though, happy New Years to you, and I hope you had an awesome Christmas, and yeah. *shuffles back to bed*

Monday, December 3, 2012

Book 2 Title Reveal! And Other Things!

This is just a very quick round-up post about things I've mostly already talked about on Twitter, but I'm going to be all cross-post-y and put them up here as well.

Oh, why, thank you. So:

- I have a signing in Switzerland. My very first one here. It's on December 9th at the Orrel Füssli English Bookshop, Zürich Bahnhofstrasse, 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM. If you could come it would be smashing. :)

- The Peculiar was named a Publishers Weekly Best Book of Year. This makes me happy.

- A nice kid contacted me and asked if she could set up a Facebook page for the book, and of course I was like YEAH, so here it is, and currently five people like it which obviously makes me feel like a huge success. If you liked it, you could make it Facebook offical.

- I've already given this away in various overseas interviews but The Peculiar 's sequel has a TITLE, you guys! It issss. . .  

Do you like it? Do you hate it? Do you not care particularly? Let me know, because it took us forever to come up with it and I'm dying to hear what you think. :)