Monday, November 19, 2012

Ohhh. . .

OHHH. *distress*

You guys, I'm super sorry about not keeping up with blogging. I am. But see, I'm a very slow blogger and typing up a post can take me hours, and now that some European media thangs have heard of my book and apparently find it interesting, all the hours I used to spend blogging are going to giving newspaper interviews and radio interviews and wondering about things and talking to people I don't know on phones and I'm also revising Book 2 and I have classes and practice and rehearsals and I basically walk around like this all day now:

Minus the wig. I think. . .

So yeah! In consolation for lack of any meaningful output, we wrote you a poem. My friends and I. And we decided I should post it.

It's kind of masterpiece. I hope you're ready for this.


We think you're super clever
We think you're super cute.
We'd like you even better
If you had a mute. . .


Haha. Wait, huh? Not you, specifically. Fine, that was lame. Let's try another:

I shot my loved one
Through the heart
With a glittery plastic
Cupid's dart.
And then I realized
With a start
That it was not
A Cupid's dart

It was a harpoon.


Aren't we talented? And not at all morbid? We thought so, too.

(Seriously, though, I'll be back to regular updates soon. I hope.)


  1. Ahaha! Stef. You didn't give the back-story to these. FYI Stefan's Blog Readers, we're actually nice sometimes. ;D

  2. Whatever you're on, Etienne, take less of it.
    These friends... Do they come with side effects? If the poems are the only ones, you're fine. They're freakin' hilarious. You're welcome to write more of those.

  3. Oh gosh I died. XD You're walking around like Lady Gaga? COME LET ME HOLD YOU. I want an email, btw. Now. :)

    1. @Kat: Woops. I think I was feeling misanthropic that day. ;)

      @Beastie DRIVAH: Side effects are laughing fits and sanity. So I dunno, not always positive. . .

      @Briony: I don't email dead people. Often.

      For you I'll make an exception. :)

  4. Mr. Bachmann, I just finished The Peculiar and loved it. It is in the same class as The Golden Compass and Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell. Would you be kind enough to post a pronounciation guide to the Gaelic names and phrases? I am sure I am pronouncing them incorrectly in my head!

    1. Wow, thank you so much!! :D Super glad you liked the book. And a pronunciation guide is a great idea. That did not occur to me. I'll see if I can have one put up on my website!

  5. HAHAHA The second poem: I love it! write more poems please these are amazing.
    Oh, I finished the Peculiar last night: I really seriously enjoyed it. One of the best books I've come across in a while. I'm in the middle of writing my review for my blog (Publishers send me books, like yours, and I review the books for them because i am a nerd :D ) I hope you have the time to check it out-!
    By the way, i love your blog too. It's awesome like your book. I am now officially a superdooper fan :D

    whoaa. Long comment. I'll shut up now.

    1. Hahaha! Glad you liked our mad poetry skillz. xD

      And I'm so happy you enjoyed the book!! Just read the review and it's great, really. Thanks so much!