Wednesday, November 28, 2012

TOUR RE-CAP - Best School Ever

Hi, peoplessss. I'm still not really back on a normal blogging schedule, but I think the interviews are mostly done and Book 2 is slowly getting to the place where it needs to be, so I really-really need to post this before I put it off again.

While on tour, I got to visit a school outside of Chicago, annnnd. . . it was pretty incredible. The kids decorated the school with Peculiar-related things, and made Peculiar-related food, and dressed up in Peculiar-related costumes, and my mind = basically blown. I kept telling the kids this, but I don't think they believed me. It's like they didn't even realize how awesome they were, and I was just like, "AHHH, THIS IS SO AMAZING."

I stupidly didn't get pictures of even half the things they did, or of the posters they made, or of the life-size doorways they taped onto the walls, which makes me sad now, but here are the pictures I do have:

Black feathers sprinkled around our parking lot.
Why, yes, they *did* make a giant replica of the book's cover and on the floor of the entrance hall. The ring of mushrooms is from the book, too. Very important. And I stepped on them by accident. I SORRY.
Part of the breakfast they made for us. The green drink is from the coffeehouse in Trafalger Sqaure, the stuff that Mr Jelliby ends up pouring into the gutter. And the lemon tarts are from Mr. Lickerish's creepy tea gathering. All of it was yummy, though, in contrast to the their literary counterparts.
A faery house. With a ribbon and spoon and crumbs inside, as is necessary for luring an industrious faery servants.
The menu. :)
The welcome committee! You guys were way too cool.
This is blurry, but the point is all the green in the background. SEE? They decorated the school library to look like the green library from Nonsuch House.
I love how the spines read things like "Dark Magic for Dummies" and "Kung Fu for Faeries" and then "PANDAS". I mean, what faery library would be complete without a book about pandas?
Clockwork bird.

The Lady in Plum! This girl was awesome. Also, she had one of the best questions from the entire tour.
Steampunk Victorian kids!
LOOK AT THE COSTUMESSSS. And the branches on that one girl's head.
So there it is! Best school ever. I feel reallyreallyreally-really lucky to have been able to visit it.

I don't know if any of these people read my blog, but if you do, thank you again, so much. :)

Monday, November 19, 2012

Ohhh. . .

OHHH. *distress*

You guys, I'm super sorry about not keeping up with blogging. I am. But see, I'm a very slow blogger and typing up a post can take me hours, and now that some European media thangs have heard of my book and apparently find it interesting, all the hours I used to spend blogging are going to giving newspaper interviews and radio interviews and wondering about things and talking to people I don't know on phones and I'm also revising Book 2 and I have classes and practice and rehearsals and I basically walk around like this all day now:

Minus the wig. I think. . .

So yeah! In consolation for lack of any meaningful output, we wrote you a poem. My friends and I. And we decided I should post it.

It's kind of masterpiece. I hope you're ready for this.


We think you're super clever
We think you're super cute.
We'd like you even better
If you had a mute. . .


Haha. Wait, huh? Not you, specifically. Fine, that was lame. Let's try another:

I shot my loved one
Through the heart
With a glittery plastic
Cupid's dart.
And then I realized
With a start
That it was not
A Cupid's dart

It was a harpoon.


Aren't we talented? And not at all morbid? We thought so, too.

(Seriously, though, I'll be back to regular updates soon. I hope.)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

TOUR RE-CAP - The Publishing People

I actually need to start this next tour re-cap with the authors I forgot to mention in my last post. (Ahhh! Stefan, how could you.)

I know. So:

Cynthia Leitich Smith, Lynne Kelly, Augusta Scattergood (I think we should take a moment to admire that name, don't you?), W.H. Beck, and the hilarious Amy Ignatow.

I do not have pictures with any of these people. *slaps self*

BUT! I have pictures with two other cool people who drove five hours in a bus for this newby author's book signing and then let me drag them to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to admire Vermeer and suits of armor. They also gave my brother and me cookies. They are both writers, and their books sound fantastic so I suspect they will both be authors soon, too.

Caitlin R. O'Connell and Sarah Singer - Here's us looking picaresque in Central Park:

Now. Publishing People I met:

Sara Megibow and Kassie Evashevski - I met my agent! In the for realz. She's fantastic. Also, my film agent Kassie Evashevski flew all the way from LA to New York City just to have dinner with us. Needless to say, she's very glamorous. And super nice.

Sara, meee, and Kassie, in NYC.
Virginia Duncan - Editor of the stars (other people, not me. THESE people.) But seriously, she's kind of a big deal. She flew down to Texas to help me with the Houston leg of the tour, and she had fans, like, pouncing on her. Not even kidding. Also, she has a corner-office in the HarperCollins skyscraper and a box-full of covers that the world is not allowed to see yet, and we discussed Book 2 edits and I got to see Book 2's cover, which is so cool I can't wait to show it to you.

In FACT, I got to meet all the people at Greenwillow. That would be Sylvie, Lois, Martha, Tim, Paul, Virginia, and Tu Anh. And since for some reason I didn't take a single picture inside the Greenwillow offices, I'm going to cheat and post a picture they sent me back in August, right after the first finished copies of The Peculiar came in:

Greenwillow! I may be biased, but they're the best publisher.
While I was in NYC I also went to the famed Books of Wonder. I got to meet the owner, Peter Glassman, and the rest of the staff, and they were all great, but a special shout-out must go to Jay, who is a bookseller there and likes my book, so he has the distinction of being awesome.

At Books of Wonderrr. With my publicist, Casey McIntyre, who is an organizational mastah.
A whole bunch of nice Publishing People came to the Books of Wonder signing: agents Sarah LaPolla, Brooks Sherman, and Macmillan editors Vicki Lame and S. Jae-Jones. I don't know who bribed them to come, but they were all so nice and I was awfully flattered they did. Here they be:

From right to left: S. Jae-Jones, Julie Ann Grasso, Me, Brooks Sherman, Vicki Lame, Caitlin O' Connel, Sarah LaPolla
Julie Ann Grasso is not technically in publishing as far as I know, but she designed the ehmehhhzing t-shirts you see up there and down here, so it doesn't matter. Look:

Note the clockwork bird on the branch. And the feather on the ground. If you want it, you can buy it here. (And don't worry, I don't make any money off of it. But Julie does and I think she should, because the shirts are cool, not to mention that slogan is like THE MEANING OF LIFE.)

Anyway. . .

I met a bajillion people at HarperCollins. Alas, I only remember a few. There was a sales rep named Heather Doss, and a guy who knows all about websites and helped me with mine, named Alex Garber, and someone named Aubrey and someone named Margot and somone named Robin, and Sandee Roston and Patty Rosati, but that's all I REMEMBERRR. :( They were great, though, every one of 'em.

The evening of Comic-Con, Virginia and Martha of Greenwillow took Rae Carson and me to dinner with Rita Meade, librarian and funny blogger, and Monica Edinger, who reviewed my book for the New York Times. They were both very cool, and I wish I had been more awake for that dinner, because they were such interesting people and I was just like *props eyelids open with forks*.

I ALSO MET TARYN ALBRIGHT. SEE, TARYN? HERE YOU ARE. She's an editor-to-be, and a publishing intern, and a writer, and my beta-reader, and she's so witty in real life that I was a little bit startled. I spent most of that afternoon laughing at everything she said, and the rest of the time obsessing over books. Also, we had ice cream.

I met HarperCollins sales rep Jenny Sheridan and hung out with her and our media escort Ron Murphy. Both great people. They took me to downtown Chicago for deep-dish pizza and I got the inside scoop on sales-repping and author escorting. And since I had no idea what either of these jobs were before getting published, I thought I might elucidate:

A sales rep. . . represents a publisher and pitches their books to chains/indies/online retailers in the hopes that the chains/indies/online retailers will stock them. Because if the chains/indies/online retailers don't stock them nobody will buy them. And then you starve.

A media escort. . . owns a car, which is practical because I don't, and even if I did I wouldn't know what to do with it. Media escorts take you to your events, keep you from forgetting your laptop at school libraries, and if they're as cool as mine was, will talk to you about books and music and politics and food and it'll be great because chances are you don't anyone in the city you're in and would be very bored otherwise. I gave Ron a signed copy of The Peculiar on our last day. I hope he likes it.

CLINCHER: apparently everyone in publishing is nice. Yep. More people should be Book People, I think. :)