Wednesday, October 31, 2012

TOUR RE-CAP - The Authors (in which I meet famous people)

Look at all the boooooks. I may have hugged the glass a little bit.
I thought I'd divide these re-caps up into the people I met, because tour is basically MADE UP of meeting people. And eating. But mostly meeting people. While eating.

Some of those people were authors.

Before this month I had only met one author in real life, and that was Marie Lu of Legend fame, and that was because we have the same agency and we were both at Bologna for the book fair. But then I came to New York, and aahhh, authors everywhere! *flails*

I didn't get pictures with all of them. In fact, I didn't get many pictures at all. But I'll post the ones I have. :)

So. Authors met:
Sir Terry Pratchett - I KNOW, WHAT?? And I got a copy of Dodger, and he has a copy of The Peculiar, and it's all a bit exciting.

See how I'm wearing an author button? See how Terry Pratchett has no NEED for author buttons? Igsakly.

Why, what a clever thing to write, Stefan. How interesting and unique. -.- Also, that "to" looks like a "b".
Tahereh Mafi - Ok, we didn't exactly meet. We were in the same elevator and I told her that a ton of people at my school had read Shatter Me (which, incidentally, is the truth) and she said something like, "Ehmmmm, great!" and that was that. But still. Author.

Claire Legrand - I've been dying to read The Cavendish Home for Boys and Girls for a while now, and finally I found it and bought it and read it aloud to my brother while we were road-tripping, and it became my New Favorite Thing. It's creepy and funny and I love it, and so when I heard the author was going to be at the same event as me in Houston, I was EXCITED. She's just as cool in real life as she is online. You must-without-fail read her book.

Rae Carson - We have the same publisher (Greenwillow/HarperCollins, woooooo!) and so we were at the same places on the same days for some of the same things, and she was very cool, and a way bigger help than she probably even knows. There were days on tour where I would wake up and be like, "I can't dooooo this. I can't meet any more people, and I'm done perma-smiling, and I want to go home and, like, spray-paint a wall or something." And one of those days happened to be my first day in NYC and I was set to meet fifty bajillion HarperCollins peeps and do an impromptu video stream and meet my genius editor for the first time, and I was just like *curls up in ball and spazzes*

But of course I did the things anyway and it helped just to watch what Rae did and emulate, because she's definitely pro.

(Also, it should be noted that perma-smiling is pretty easy, because I'm convinced everyone within ten feet of childrens' publishing is nice. Seriously, no mean people on this trip. At all.)

This is the only photo I could find with both Rae and me in it. It shows us waiting for our signing to begin at NewYork Comic-Con.
Lynne Rae Perkins - Another Greenwillow author. She came to one of my signings in northern Michigan. My genius editor is also her genius editor, and Lynne is a Newbery Winner, and an artist, and supah nice.

I already tweeted the happy, official looking picture, so for embarrassment purposes, here's one where I'm looking inexplicably disgusted and bear-bellied.

Our Socks-of-Awesome.
Megan Whalen Turner - ANOTHER Greenwillow author, also edited by my editor, and also a Newbery winner. And supah nice. She came to our hotel in Cleveland and drank tea with us. We have the same spectacles.

Matt Myklusch, Gordon Korman, Nils Johson-Shelton, Chris Krovatin - I was on a panel/signing at Books of Wonder in NYC with these authors, but I have no real pictures of us! Except this one where we are looking serious and signing stock after the event:

Peter V. Brett, Sarah Beth Durst, Peter Lerangis, Matt Bein and Joanne Bertin - These were the other authors with me on the NYC Comic-Con panel. Comic-Con, by the way, will possibly get a whole post to itself in order to ruminate on the Crazy. There was a lot of Crazy.

With HarperCollins author Peter Lerangis, who was cool and wore a toga for the entire day. If I ever go back to Comic-Con I'm dressing UP. If you have brilliant ideas tell me in the comments. ;)
The wholllle panel at NYC Comic-Con. Also, my agent Sara Megibow's head.
Geoff Rodkey, Heather Brewer, Shannon Messenger, and EJ Patton - We were on some panels at the Tweens Read Festival in Texas, and Heather Brewer (the one with the most interesting hair) gave a really great keynote address, and I have no pictures of us except for this flattering number:

I don't know what EJ Patton is saying, but Heather is not amused.
And I think that's everybody! I hope. I'll probably do Publishing People next. As in, agents, editors, booksellers, and other wonders.

What do YOU think? :D Also, just let me know if there's anything tour-related you're curious about and that I should blog. I will do eet.


  1. Flailing? AND hugging glass windows full of your books?

    Tsk... tsk... tsk...

    Silly authorling. If you let people see you all excited, then they will mistake you for a regular person and not the pedestal-sitting super human, artiste that you are supposed to be as writer-type person.(<--- Note the "e" on the end of "artiste." The "e" is tres importante. It makes everythinge sounde vaguelye Frenche, and as a bonus, it drives spellcheck nuts!)

    Also, I shall make every effort to scowl profusely if we ever meet. MG writers can all be nice, but once you're into YA, you must be angsty. ;-P

    1. Hahaha! It was kind of funny actually, because at some places the people seemed to *expect* I would be a pedestal-sitting super human artiste. Or at least a snobby brat. And then they were all confused.

      Also, noooo! Don't scowl! I will mistake you for a non-book-person and run away. xD

  2. HAHA. Ok.

    1 - dress up as Mr Jelliby for next year's comic con. I think you would make a dashing Mr Jelliby.

    2 - You wanted to spray-paint? How rebellious. ;)

    3 - I want to know about the visits and the talks and the hotels and what you ate.

    4 - MEGAN WHALEN TURNER OMGEEEE. I love her books.


      2 - I know, seriously.

      3 - Oh!! I will try to include some of this info in future re-caps.

      4 - I... haven't read them. Yet. But I will, and I've heard they're beyond amazing, so I'm excited. ;D

  3. I better qualify as "other wonders."

    1. I've decided you're an editor, so NO WORRIES.

  4. Sounds awesome! :) The next time you come to Amurrica I am going to hang with you more!

    I also am hoping I am perhaps an "other wonder"! =D

  5. You met Terry Pratchett! YOU MET TERRY PRATCHETT! WHAT. WHAAAT.

    Also, F told me about some of Comic Con. I almost killed him. He wouldn't shut up. And I think he should die for BEING AT COMIC CON AND NOT BEING GEEK ENOUGH TO ENJOY IT IN IT'S ENTIRETY! (Like I could have). Ahem.

    You evil, evil people. I will not hide my jealousy.

    And also, you're crazy. And hilarious. And this post was full of so much amusement, I can't even tell you.

  6. @Julie: you ARE, in fact. :)

    @Lyssa: Well, Comic-Con is a bit different than it looks on paper. Or on camera too for that matter. :P But it was definitely an *experience* shall we say.

    Also, :D! I am rather crazy, thank you.

  7. Like the others who have commented, I am in awe of the fantastic time you seemed to have. You met some of my faves and did not shy away from gushing about it. Good on you, Stefan!

    I look forward to reading more about your writing adventures. All the best, from a YA writing, Lindt chocolate addict living in Australia.


    1. It was so much fun. :) How could one NOT gush about it. Also, AUSTRALIA. Cool.

  8. Terry Pratchett? Megan Whalen Turner? I'm jealous!

  9. OH MY GOD.You met Terry Prachett,and Tahereh Mafi?!I'm so jealous! >.< But then again,you're an author like them now too so I guess they're equally lucky to meet you. ;) I wish we had these kind of author gatherings here.Americans are sooo lucky. >.<

    1. Oh, believe me, I know how you feel. I live in Switzerland and NO AUTHORS COME HERE. ;) Which is why it was so exciting to meet them over there!

    2. At least you actually get to meet them over there.When I go there I have to follow my mum through malls like a lost puppy.And I hate shopping. :( By the way,how in the world were you able to get a review from Rick Riordan?!Did you actually meet him,and Christopher Paolini?That's awesome! xD

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