Tuesday, August 14, 2012


This is post will be SHORT, yet RAMBLY. So you know.

Four things:

  • I was supposed to be writing a saxophone/string-orchestra-concert-piece-thang over summer vacation, and I was kind of working on it, but not really, and now I'm down to my last week of semi-freedom and everything is dire, and I'm listening to the piece below while frantically trying to write something one teeny tiny fraction as good. Inspire me, Shostakovitch.

Piece is genius. So much drive.

  • I started outlining a new book. It's probably not the smartest book to work on now, as it isn't a childrens' book, and it isn't fantasy, and it's so complicated that I'm not sure I can even write it. But it's the book I really want to write, and the only one of my ideas that I'm actually into right now, so I have to at least start on it. I don't want to say what it's about exactly for fear I'll never actually finish it, but research includes re-reading War and Peace and The Cherry Orchard, and spending way too many hours on Wikipedia looking up the Austro-Hungarians and the Romanovs and the convoluted Royal dynasties of 19th century Europe. Which are fascinating, ACTUALLY.

  • While researching above-mentioned stuff I stumbled across a gallery of colour-photographs taken over a hundred years ago. It's weirdly demystifying seeing history in colour. Look:

You'd be forgiven for thinking this a contemporary picture of rural Kyrgyzstan, except maybe you wouldn't be because why are you picking on Kyrgyzstan, yo? Anyway, the picture was taken at some point between 1905 and 1915. In Greece. Also, the gal up front looks skeptical of this photo-taking contraption.

You can view the whole gallery here.

  • I'm desperately searching for titles for Book 2, which has now been read by FIVE PEOPLE, you guys. (The scariness.) The first book seemed way easier to find a title for. I'm at the point where I just want to call the second one THE PECULIAR: PART TU, GRR.

I made a list of lame titles. They were lame. I sent them off. Editor nixed them. I'm now making a second list, and in a few days I'll excitedly send them off, and Editor will be like:

Noh capes.

Joooooke. My editor is much nicer about these things than Edna.

Bye. :)


  1. You mean LONG, and yet still RAMBLING. :P

    Also funny.

    1. Haaaa. It did get pretty long. So many conundrums. And thank you, Whoever You are! :)

  2. Good luck with the concert piece and titles. I find titles to be so hard to come up with!! :-) The novel I am revising, for a long time was called 'That dumb novel" (a play on the movie title That darn cat LOL). &^%$# Be in your country by 8AM. WOOTS.

    1. Wait, TOMORROW?? In Switzerland? Awesommme. We should definitely say hey if you have a day off.

  3. Etiennnnne, you promised me an e-mail with the lame titles. I have no e-mail from you.