Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Writing Book 2

I was a very bad blogger yesterday. Very bad indeed. I didn't post. And it was Tuesday. This = Bad. 

But I have REASONS.

I tell you them.

I finished drafting book 2.


Anyway. Technically this is a first draft, but it's been written-upon, and polished-up almost non-stop since the book deal last Fall, so it doesn't really feel like a first draft.

Still, there's plenty of work to be done and The Deadline will be here before I know it, and in a week or two I'll probably look at the manuscript and be like, "Ew," like that, but right now I'm just ridiculously happy it's out of the brain and onto the screen, ya know? Great.

Below is a timeline-list-thingy - starting last October and going until today - in which Stefan talks to Stefan in third person like a loon about how Stefan drafted Stefan's Book 2.


- Stefan thinks for many weeks and makes a list of all the cool things he wants to put into this book.

- Stefan decides how to string all the cool things into a plot that makes some modicum of sense.

- Stefan writes the beginning.

- Stefan writes the end.

- Stefan realizes it will take a tediously long time to write everything in between.

- Stefan starts writing.

- Stefan procrastinates by reading many sad and scary stories online about Book 2 writing, and how it's the worst thing ever, and wonders if he should be freaking out more.

- Stefan starts freaking out over the fact that he's not freaking out.

- Stefan wonders if perhaps everything he thinks is good is really not good, and freaks out further.

- Because Stefan is freaking out, he applies the DUMP METHOD. He writes pages and pages of junk in a mad flurry, because it's better than writing nothing at all. The dump method works better than expected. Because in FACT - sometimes what you think is junk one day is not junk the next, or is easily made into not-junk with some focused writing n-r-j.

- Stefan gets about three-fourths way through Book 2 in this manner and then freaks out yet again because let's face it, Stefan doesn't really know how to write, and everything is a fluke, and misery and agony and bla-bla-bla.

- Stefan realizes freaking out is not conducive to anything helpful, so he stops.

- Stefan writes some more.

- Stefan thinks his book is terribly clever.

- Stefan thinks his book is utter rubbish.

- Stefan wonders what other people will think of his book.

- Stefan wonders if it's too violent.

- Stefan realizes things don't make sense in his book and goes on a walk to sort it out.

- Stefan struggles with last chapters, because Last Chapters are STUPID complicated, and everything must be tied up, and characters must have satisfactory conclusions to their character arcs, and things must make sense unfortunately. So he struggles.

- Stefan procrastinates by reading marvelous books by marvelous authors, and playing the piano, and staring at the ceiling.

- Stefan realizes The Deadline is not very far away, has a fright, and goes back to writing.

- Stefan finishes last chapter.

- Stefan says "HURRAH" and writes a blog post about writing Book 2.


And there you have it! Drafting Book 2. It's a lot of "Gaaaah, this is so much work, and what if nobody likes it," but it's nice in the end. Because I wrote another boooook, you guyyyysss. :) Makes meh happeh.


  1. YAY!!!!! So excited and happy for you. All the hard work has paid off! I hope you don't deal with middle-book-2-slump. ;-) How many books is Pelicular? Two, three??

    My writing- I'm revising my novel at the moment but I feel like it's utter crap. Well I'm at that stage at least. Sometimes I think about self publishing. Then I remember people like my book. So, um, I should probably query it and stuff? Lols.

    1. It's a two book thingy. I'm kind of glad it's not a three book thingy, or I think this second book would have been wayyy harder. O_o

      Also, GO RACHEL! You should query. Do it. Yes. :D

  2. Well done. Kudos. Now that you're such a pro, would you mind coming over and finishing my third book for me? I'm pretty sure it's trying to kill me. Maybe it will behave for you. You can write whatever you like. I'm sure if you started typing with your fingers in the wrong position, it would make as much sense as what I've got so far. Thanks. I'd appreciate that.

    1. Oh yes, *such* a pro. But see, if I finished your third book for you it would automatically end with magical pyrotechnics, and dramatic yelling, and possibly murder, even though your third book might be about DOGS. So it wouldn't do at all. :)

  3. That is so amazing! Congrats - Cannot even imagine how happy you must be! Must be scary and thrilling and a little bit of everything else.

    Congrats again -


    1. Thanks! :) It's mostly just thrilling at this point. The scary part is sending it to my agent and editor...

  4. I love you; will you marry me? And also write a book 2 for me?

    1. HAHA! Taryn... You mean a book 13. ;) Anyway, I'm pretty sure you write contemp. I couldn't write contemp for the life of me.

  5. - Stefan thinks his book is terribly clever.

    - Stefan thinks his book is utter rubbish.

    This is basically the story of my life.
    (Except of course my name is Kate, and I am decidedly female. But the general idea rings true.)

    1. Here I was like, "Nooo, Kate thinks Stefan's book is, by turns, terribly clever and utter rubbish!" xD

      Kidding. Yeah, the rest of the list is pretty much irrelevant...