Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Alpine Kitsch

Hi, peoples! 

We're back. :)

Zermatt's super tourist-y. Everyone speaks English. There is ice cream everywhere. And the Matterhorn. . . Ohh, the Matterhorn. It's one of those things you see in so many pictures and movies that once you're there in real life it's almost a cliché. Like Mount Rushmore or The White House. You're just like, "Wow, that's fake and CHEEZEH."

Except... it's not.

But anyway. We had fun. The only not-fun thing was that I told myself I would polish ALL OF BOOK 2 that week, and then we went traipsing up mountains, and into valleys, and over great gulches, and I finished Splendors and Glooms and loved it unto death, and I ended up doing very little polishing at all.

So that's what I'm frantically catching up on now. And that's why the rest of this post is just bunches of pictures I snitched from my Mom's camera. Like, bunches. Like, you'll probably have to scroll for the rest of forever.

Train riding.

Moaaaaahr train riding.
We are arrived!

Zermatt has no cars. It has only these tiny electric munchkin trucks so that the view of the Matterhorn is not clouded.

The view of the Matterhorn. From our balcony. At sunset. *flourish*

A bunch of goats being randomly herded down main street, I suspect to amuse the tourists.

...a FAERY.
...and a CLOCK. I like this clock. Do you like this clock? It's a steampunk clock, definitely.

Going up in a little pod to the highest cable-car station in Europe.

12,000 ft. above sea level...

...in tennis shoes.

Skiers looking off the edge of the world.

Left to right is: Jolly Good Friend from Oregon, Little brother (who would like you to know that he was rather blinded by the sun in this picture), me, and the Matterhorn's BACK.

A St. Bernard doggeh with the classic barrel of brandy around his neck in case you are in danger of freezing.

This is nigh impossible to read , but the words say, "Night's candles are burnt out and jocund day tiptoes on the misty mountaintops" I liked that quote. It was for one of the many people who fell from Matterhorn. There's a whole graveyard of them at the foot of the mountain, and it's very sad. Apparently an average of 12 people die every year while attempting the Matterhorn.

One of the huge glaciers below the Matterhorn.

Peaking over the edge.

Hard to see, but one could go down an elevator several hundred feet into a glacier and walk around in TUNNELS, one could.

A chandelier out of ice.

A wagon and houses out of ice.

Goat-like creatures out of ice.

An alphorn concert in the town square. They sounded very modern and atonal, and I don't think they wanted to. I thought it was cool, though.

G'bah, Alps!


  1. Those pictures are beautiful! Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Great pictures! Loved to see them. Seeing the dog is like seeing a cowboy in America. A bit stereotypical.

    1. IgSAKLY. I think that was the word I was looking for while writing this post. But I couldn't think of it so I used "fake and cheezeh" instead. x)

  3. AHHHHHH. So pretty. The picture of the glacier and the one right below it are particularly stunning. Wow.

    And the St. Bernard makes up for the lack of socks in this photoset. :-p Although I feel it bears mentioning that drinking alcohol when you're freezing isn't actually a good thing (it makes you *feel* warmer, but causes you to lose heat more quickly). Still, adorable doggy is adorable. :D

    Looks like you had an awesome time!

    1. I FORGOT THE EAR SOCKS. I was seriously going to stage that just for a twitpic and then... I didn't. Lame.

      I did have an awesome time, though. :) And I think the brandy is so that you die happy, not so that you live longer. Maybe. Ok, that was morbid.

    2. And what would YOU know about that? ;-)

    3. Haaaa. ;) No worries, brandy wouldn't make ME die happy. But freezing people it might.

  4. Jolly Good FriendJuly 27, 2012 at 9:50 PM


    Heeeeeeeee :D

    Also. I still think I'm going to live in the mountains there. And you can visit me and write morbid stories about people dying on mountains. Okay? Okay.

    1. Haha! You did? WHERE!

      Also, sounds like a plannnnn. :D

  5. So I have two things to say:

    1) I LOVE Zermatt. I went there back in '07 with a bunch of band geeks. We stayed in Crans-Montana, though.

    2) I am enrolled in the Denver Publishing Institute, and we discussed your upcoming book last week! We are all looking forward to it. I told my sister that she and I HAVE to read it.

    1. Virginia TOLD ME OF THIS!!! That made me happy, seriously. I'm excited you guys are excited for it! :D