Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Steampunk Zoo

So you know that clockwork bird on the front of the book? Hoo-well... There was a bird before that and it looked like this:

Isn't it great? This is literally exactly how I imagined the bird in the book. It's not exactly how I described it, I don't think. If I remember right I only mention brass and oil-black eyes, and so the cover artist made the bird completely out of brass, which is awesome and works perfectly for the cover, but while writing I imagined the birds as iron-grey.

Mine was sculpted and painted by an artist known as Purplecat, who blogs, and tweets, and makes perfumes, and is just rather obviously an all-round talented person. My sister met her on an art forum, ah do buh-leev, and got me one of her clockwork birds for Christmas a while back. I liked steampunk before then, but I had never actually owned anything steampunk-ish, so it was a terribly exciting present to get. And since I had just started writing a book about changelings and politicians and magic, I was all like, "OH. THIS BIRD IS COOL. THERE SHOULD CLOCKWORK BIRDS IN THE BOOK AS WELL."

So they were, and they ended up being a fairly big plot point. Thus, I thought it long overdue that Purplecat get a shout-out post, and I wanted to show off the other steampunk creatures of hers that I have anyway, so here gooooes!

The bird was the first creature in my steampunk zoo. The second was...

Watchoo lookin' at, hngg?
A clockwork snail. This is also in the book. For about two seconds. But it had to be. Because - as you can see better in the group picture further down - it has treads. Like, instead of slime. Sooo... creativity points for zat.

Zoo Inhabitant Numbah Three...

A clockwork mouse. This one's not in the book. But look at its dopey little hannnnnds. And the flower in its tail. I don't know why that flower is in its tail. It's probably deeply significant.

What do I call this masterpiece of point-and-shoot photography? "Clockwork Mouse Looking Pensively Across the Herb Garden with Stupid Orange Date in Corner." 
*audience applauds wildly clap-clap-clap- CLAP*
And the newest addition - a clockwork-chameleon-lizard-thingy on a purple-and-bronze-globe.
Purplecat just gave it to me. Like, for nothing. Like, for free. Like, seriously. Like, who is that cool.

And all together THEY LOOK LIKE THIS:

See the treads? Also, the lizard-chameleon-thingy is being very stealthy and blending into the foliage. It's possible it's a ninja-lizard-chameleon-type-thingy.
And that's my steampunk zoo! I think everything in it is awesome. But the bird will always be my favourite.

Thanks, Purplecat.


  1. omg TEH MOUSE!!!!! *_* so cute. sososos cute. i want to touch it.

  2. Squeeeeeeeeee!!!

    ~hugs~ to you Stefan, thank you for liking my work!

  3. They're all so completely adorable. New theory: every animal looks adorable when steampunkified. I want them all!

  4. YOU HAVE A STEAMPUNK ZOO. Will you be my new bff?

  5. @Duckyyy: Ah yes. Teh Mouse is very cute indeed. ;D

    @TDawn: Haha! I doubt you could find anyone who *didn't* like your work. It's SO GOOD.

    @Christina: I agree with this theory. xD All the way.

    Taryn: NO. Ok, maybe. Ok, yes, of COURSE. ;) But I'd only let you gaze adoringly at the steampunk zoo. The last person I let pick one up chipped the poah bird's footsie. *glares at that person*

  6. These are BEAUTIFUL, Stefan. It's really not fair you are good at everything (writing, music and art). Stop that.

    On a serious note though - these pieces are really beautiful. I'm so impressed with them - the colors, the shaping, how simple they look to put together yet I know they're not. Great work. Really.

  7. @Avery: Ah knows! I like 'em lots.

    @Rachel: woah-woah-woah. *I* didn't make these. Noooo. Uh-uh. Couldn't. Ever. Not a chance. Purplecat made them. TDawn. Like, TDawn Maddox who commented above. But yeah, her work is very awesome. I agree! :D

  8. I believe I saw your zoo up close at Clockwork Couture. Beautiful details and I love the emotions that go into a robotic looking character. They truly are enchanted. I put a link from The Edison Family fan page on Facebook to your blog, with the hope that others will enjoy your fantastical creatures as much as we do. Happy Holidays.