Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Trailer Tuesday #8: Jack the Giant Killer

Super-short post today because I'm not ready with the giveaway, and this week has decided it wants to be busy.


Last week was still all sunshine and happiness, and I was like, "La-di-da, I shall write books and play piano and it will be glorious," and then I got a commission to write a piece for an orchestra of bass recorders, and it needs to be done right NOW, and must be long and atonal, and I'm not really in a composing mood, which just makes it harder, because I have to write it regardless.

Anyway. The trailer I am showing you this fine Tuesday is about Jack, who kills Giants. 

Watch it right this very moment, I demand it, please.

Kitteh watches beans get wet. Kitteh does nothing. Kitteh is responsible for DEATH OF UNIVERSE.

The dialogue at the beginning is all sorts of corny. I kept waiting for the record-scratching-sound to come on and reveal the whole thing to be a tongue-in-cheek satire-type fantasy. I guess it kind of came when the cat meowed? Maybe? But tongue-in-cheek satire this does not seem to be. I think they were gunning for big-budget fantasy with laughs, because people like laughing and all that.

But I may not have laughed at the right parts.

Still... Fairy tale. Movie. Had to post.


This is the sound I make when I VANISH.


  1. So is Jack a giant KILLER or is he a GIANT killer?

  2. Haha! Hm. Good question. I think Jack might be a giant pyscho killer and no one even SUSPECTED.

  3. WHERE IS THE PRINCESS JACK. thats like right out of potc. XDD

  4. I thought that line sounded familiar. And it's same the actor who played Mistah Backbeard in POTC, too, so perhaps we were supposed to be all like, "Ohoooooo." *points*