Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Trailer Tuesday #7: Chernobyl Diaries

So, the excitement that was Bologna is over, and the epic drama that was the national music competition is over, and I can now go back to writing posts that don't necessarily have to be all in caps and bold-face-type with exclamation points all the time.

I'm still deciding how best to show off my pyootiful, pyootiful cover, and my shiny, shiny advance reader copies, and I'm also very busy writing book NUMBAH TWO (I guess we're not completely out of the caps stage after all), so to pass the time...

...it's Trailer Tuesday againnnn!

*crowd of pre-schoolers says Yaaaaaaaay...*

This time we'll be showing the trailer to a bloody-disgusting-and-possibly-about-zombies-horror-movie set in Chernobyl.

*crowd of pre-schoolers says Yaaaaaaaay...*

Usually that would not be interesting enough to post, as it contains no English accents, perfectly-framed visuals, or heartbreaking cello solos, but my sister is going to motorcycle herself TO Chernobyl sometime in the near future, so perhaps this will frighten her off.

Heh. But probably not. ;)

Doll be creepy, doll be dead
Doll need a bath, and some hair on its head.

The first time I watched this trailer it did creep me out. Was that pale thing a very small, very frightening person? I don't know, and am therefor creeped out. Also, I'm not sure I'd want to actually watch this movie in real life. But if it's ever an option on movie night I will say, "Hahahahayes."

And then I'll probably act like I need to answer a text message whenever things get grisly, or when very small, very frightening people turn up and... and... and look FRIGHTENING.

But yeah. Gotta go. Bye. :)

*crowd of pre-schoolers says Yaaaaaaaay...*


  1. Everytime I watch one of these horror movie trailers (not knowing it is one):
    1. okey it looks nice, the camera work seems good
    2. mhm I think this isn't a documentary about Chernobyl... but let's see...
    3. oh no, bad foreboding
    4. ah this is one of these horror movies I don't watch (under normal conditions I don't watch horror movies...) but lets watch the end of the trailer
    5. scary scary scary scary
    6. no don't go to the doll, it's a trap
    7. I just was totally right... AAAAHHHH
    8. ahw it's finished... bad feeling
    9. this was just a trailer! just a trailer! it is not real! don't panic, no problem, it's fake.
    10. please let me forget it, otherwise I will never sleep again
    (this is all your fault!)
    but I am seriously impressed!
    the fact that you wrote a book is awesome!
    I am totally gone buy it!
    (it is sooooo cool!)
    happy easter Mr. Bookwriter :D

  2. Hahaha! Right? These kinds of trailers always start all bouncy, with pretty people people doing silly things. So that you don't *suspect*. xD

    And thank you! Happy Easter to you too, Miss Oboe Genius. ;D