Friday, April 13, 2012


So like fifty-bajillion people clicked on the cover reveal a few days back, which I count as a SUCCESS and is no doubt thanks to the cool people on Twitter who re-tweeted in return for virtual high-fives. Uh. Yeah. In theory that sounded like a good idea, but in practice it more like, "Emmm, I don't know if these people actually want virtual high-fives."

Oh well. They got them anyway.

That represents fifty-bajillion people. See how HAPPY they look??? And they wore hats.
Also, I keep mixing up the different Internet-Platforms-Where-It's-Ok-To-Talk-Endlessly-About-One's-Self and thus I'm not sure who knows what, SO! If I forgot to mention it on zis blawg, The Peculiar is going to be one of the five books on the middle-grade buzz panel at Book Expo America. 

Exciting, NO?!? 


So you know, Book Expo America = big, big book book fair like Bologna, just in America.
Buzz panel = a thing where books that might be buzzy are buzzed about by their editors.
And all together it = awesome in a basket.

Also, a cool contributor to a cool blog called Pub(lishing) Crawl put up a post about Middle Grade covers and one of them was The Peculiar, and when I clicked on the post quite by accident and saw it there among titles like The Cavendish Home for Boys and Girls which I'm kind of perishing to read, I had a HEART ATTACK.

A nice one.

So that was cool, and you should go look at that blog cuz it's interushting. 

And the ARC freak-out post is still coming. I'm kind of afraid of doing the giveaway part, because ARCs have TYPOS IN THEM, and little glitches, and everyone will be like "Ohhh, look who doesn't know how to write," but you know what, I do know how to write, so I'm giving one away, and if you win it you can poke fun at it if you so please. 

Woah. DID YOU SEE THAT? That was determination right there. In real-time. ;) 

To wrap things up, I stumbled across the best quote ever, from Hemingway, whom I usually loathe, and I'm going to post it: 

The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong at the broken places. But those that will not break it kills. It kills the very good and the very gentle and the very brave impartially. If you are none of these you can be sure it will kill you too but there will be no special hurry. 

Aha. Haha. Hm...



    I hate you, Blogger. -.-

  2. Ooooh....giveaway BOOK! Typos happen. Tis no big deal. How do I enter for this giveaway?

    Oh, and blogs are most certainly a fine place for dithering about any thing you like, whether it be yourself...or in my case, the pasta I had for dinner.

    I'm strange that way.

  3. Question, are you one of the people who dislikes the word say? I let myself use it perhaps 50 times in my book. I tend to make myself insane by mentally editing books that use said/say in every piece of dialogue.


    Mmkay. That should be enough capital lettres for a while. XD

    Also, Hemingway. *angry face* We do not speak of Hemingway.

  5. @TDawn: I have yet to google "how to stage a successful giveaway", but I'll probably have figured it out by next week sometime. ;) And then I'll put up a big ol' post with GIVEAWAY in the title line and YOU WON'T POSSIBLY BE ABLE TO MISS IT! :D

    @Zéva: But 'say' is gooooooood! I almost only use speech tags when a character changes volume. So like, "He mumbled, whispered, growled." Otherwise I try to keep it with "He said". My thinking is that if the dialogue and context is strong enough, it's not really necessary to add many speech tags. Even though... Hmm. I didn't *actually* think about it much before. *runs and looks at current manuscript*

    @Bri: We should slap Hemingway. And put him in a bell. And toll it. Just for him.

  6. Haha! I have a problem with repetition and so I find myself trying not to use the same word in a paragraph, or the same page! It gets interesting sometimes but I get a much larger variety of words in my book. For me, we awesome writer-people can just be so much more creative than 'said'.

    Eg. from The Hunger Games (not exact but one of the common edits I end up doing when I read it.)

    Original: "Prim!" I said.


    My edit: "Prim!" I screamed, throwing my arms out to her.

    Okay enough venting about 'said' (for now).

  7. You know, that actually bothers me too. Things like, "GET OUT OF THAT FLAMING FIERY BLOWING-UP BUILDING, YOU DERP!!!" he mumbled.

    Just... no.

    That's an exaggeration, and fake, but still. xD It happens. Overly dramatic can be a problem, too, though. One was must walk the line! Which is hard. Writing is hard. And complicated. And the best thing ever. ;)

  8. Yes, I lay awake at night, listening to audiobooks, editing the dialogue. But yes, writing is absolutely the best thing ever. :) I love people's expressions when I tell them I wrote a 600 page novel. It like it's the most insane thing they've ever heard. lol

  9. Rather. I think all my writing put together *might* add up to 600 hundred pages. If I add in short stories and school essays and facebook posts from high-school. xD Not really.