Tuesday, April 24, 2012

GIVEAWAY: The Peculiar ARC + Swiss Chocolate + Something SURPRISING

Books n' chocolate.
Ok, finally I have googled "How to do a giveaway" and am so totally ready for this. I think. Let's give it a shot.

To enter:

You don't need to follow my blog and be subject to my random gibbering for all eternity. You don't need to follow me on Twitter or add my book on Goodreads(Those links? I don't know how they got there. My reverse psychology? Is ridiculously subtle.)

All you have to do is leave a comment. Preferably with a link so that I can contact you if you win. Also, re-tweets count double, so DO THAT and post that link, twah.

Here's what I'll be giving away:

-  1 Advance Reader Copy of The Peculiar, out September 18th from Greenwillow/HarperCollins

-  2 Two bundles of Swiss chocolate, from the Lindt factory across the hill. 

I'm not kidding, it's right across the hill.

And if I get over 50 entrants - I will throw in a brand-spanking-new paperback of Long Lankin, which is this fantastically creepy foklore-ish ghost story set in post-war England, and only comes out in the US in July, even though you actually want it NOW.

You do, srsly.

So the more the merrier.

Also, the Giveaway is International, and thus you can live wherever you please and still get STUFF FOH FREE. It runs until next Tuesday, May 1st, 2012, midnight EST. When it's over, a number-picker will choose the 3 (or 4) winners at random and I will write them kitschy Swiss postcards and package off the loot to all their cool selves.

So. Post comments, link to re-tweets, say whatever you want and it'll be awesome ja? ok.

Now. As promised, lots of unnecessary photos of the ARC:

More shiny.

More feathers.
Morrrrrrrrrrre shiny.
And the spine. I 'm very attached to the spine. I'm not sure why, though. It's not very shiny at all.

So wasn't that cooahl?! Like, really-really? Every time I see the ARC on my desk I have this sort of demented-hyper-Stefan-attack. Because you know, It's a BOOK. And such a well-put-together-book, artistically. And it has my name on it in big ol' capital lettres even though I wrote it in slobby house clothes while sometimes lying upside down.

It's just very exciting.

Bye. :)


  1. I learned about this book through Sarah Prineas. I'm very interested in it but I'd rather see someone else win the ARC (I can wait for the final book). So consider this comment as "Don't enter me to win but go you!" Book sounds amazing!

  2. SarahP's tweet sent me. I'm salivating for your book's release. Or is it the chocolate? Or both? I'm going to retweet SarahP's tweet too. Hope that counts.

  3. Can't wait for this one! Thanks so much for the giveaway opportunity! Tweeted to the MOON :)

  4. Fwah! I'd love to win! Free stuff is awesome, but good books for free are better :D

  5. Yet another who's here via Sarah Prineas. She clearly makes a very good one-person cheerleading brigade!

  6. Wu-hoo, all you people! :D Yep, re-tweeting Sarah totally counts. Am marking down the entrees right this very moment.

  7. The problem with tweeting and tooting it all over is that I'll have more competition to win. Counter-productive and all that. But tweeting and facebooking I will do. You have good reason to be all hyper-excited with your name on the cover and all!

  8. Well, that's why there's an *extra* prize. x) So that it's worth your while. Sort of. Thank you!






    Seriously Stefkins, enter my name.

  10. Eeee, I want Swiss chocolate from over the hill!!! Oh, yeah, and to read that peculiar book. (Or maybe I'll just beg an ARC from our friends at Greenwillow.)

  11. Me too ME TOO~~!!!!!! I want to play tooo!

    Oh, and it must smell fantastic at your house when the breeze carries the scent of chocolate across that hill!


  12. oh, duh.....my email is purpletabby@gmail.com

    it's not a private email, so I dont care if it's public posted! You have my twitter addy too, in case something goes snarky with email. :P

  13. I want to be entered! I have no Twitter, but I can...tell people? With my mouth? Anyway, your book looks awesome, and chocolate is never a bad thing! (Well, maybe sometimes, like if you fell in a river of it or something and didn't know how to swim...). Yay!

  14. @Bri: Hmm... Nope. I don't know you. At ALL. Stranger. XD

    Kidding, you're on the friend pass-along list, but I'll enter you anywobble, since you want to be all greedy-greedy-get-a-copy-all-to-myself, HEY. *LOOKS AT YOU ACCUSINGLY*

    @Rae: Baha! Chocolate is definitely the high-point of this little endevour. Had to lure people in somehow. xD

    @TDawn: WOOOOOO!!! Entered.

    @Brenda: Telling people in real life is infinitely cooler than tweeting it anyway. :D THIS DESERVES BROWNIE POINTS OF SOME SORT. Maybe I should just enter you twice, too.

  15. Stefffffff! I love all your pictures, especially the last one! Instead of having a giveaway, you should offer a sponsored trip to Switzerland to meet said author and his fammmmmily!!

  16. Would love to win! Retweeted: https://twitter.com/#!/SaraMegibow/status/194958333311066113

    Thanks so much!
    Kristin @ My Bookish Ways
    mybookishways (at) yahoo (dot) com

  17. I would love to be entered in this contest, alright you pulled my arm long enough I'll follow you, and if I win i will shout it to the world what an amazing book The Peculiar ARC is.

  18. This looks so awesome! Love the cover!

    Retweet: https://twitter.com/#!/Reader_Fictions/status/194959537588027392

    A Reader of Fictions

  19. Congrats. The book looks great. Enter me in too!

    Sadly, I'm lactose intolerant so I guess if I do win my mum will be getting a surprise chocolate gift and I look like the best spawn ever. :P

    I retweeted Sara Megibow, as retweeted by My Bookish Ways, who I suppose was at some point retweeted....Arrgh. Now it's getting far too confusing for me when I haven't even had my 3rd morning coffee yet.

    Contact email form thingy is on the blog linked to my name. :)

  20. Got her via Sara Megibow. Clearly, a good sort. Yes, I'd love the ARC, though I'll have to send the chocolate to my daughter, how sad. ;)
    retweeting, too!

  21. Winning sounds awesome. Book looks awesome. Congrats on that.

  22. How exciting - I should say WAHOOO SWISS CHOCOLATES! WAHOO ARC'S!!!! I don't have a Twitter but I am commenting to say: YAY CONTEST and YAY I am going to Switzerland in August!!!! It is almost official (erm. Need to talk to parents about it but cousins are paying for my airfare!!!! And we maybe going to Ireland!!!!). :D Best- Rachel

  23. Whoa, what's up with this time difference. O_o I MISS EVERYTHING.

    But thanks for entering, peoples! And re-tweeting! :D And following despite ridiculously subtle reverse psychology.

    Amber, of *course* the last picture is the best. It has someone's master-ly art in it. ;)

    Rachel, you're going to IRELAND, too?? My brother went to Ireland a few months ago, and brought back pictures, and I practically perished of envy. Looks so cool, that country.

  24. SHTEFF!

    Okay. Soooooooooooo if I enter I'll get a copy of your book faster right?? :D (maybe for the plane? HMMMM??) That's it, I'm entering! hmph!


  25. Gorgeous, gorgeous book... and it isn't even finished! AND Sara is your agent!! She's so wonderful and has fantastic taste so I will be reading your book one way or another! :)

    Sara @ The Hiding Spot

  26. I can't wait for this one (and I adore the cover)! I retweeted Sara Megibow.

  27. @LYSSA: Perhaps you can threaten random.org at KNIFE-POINT to pick you? Or send them cookies? Or send me cookies?

    Just kidding. You're entered. xD

    @Sara: I know, I can't *wait* to see the finished copy. And yeah, Sara Megibow's great. :) Best agent anyone could hope for.

    @Avery: Aw, cool! Glad you like the cover!! :D

  28. What an awesome giveaway! I would love to enter!


  29. That's a beautiful cover!

  30. Ok, this may sound silly but I find the corner of page 127 incredibly intriguing. Mr Lickerish? And henchwoman??? Enter my name, friend! :D

  31. OF COURSE I'm entering :) I tweeted, too! tarynalAThotmailDOTcom

  32. ok i have to admit that reading about the chocolate in a tweet was what brought me here, but after seeing the pretty pretty book, now it's a toss up which i want more!! so you know, pick me!! also i read something in a comment above about bribery involving cookies? i'm on it! ; ) thanks for the awesome giveaway!!

    ame1184 at gmail dot com
    i retweeted too! https://twitter.com/#!/bamayankee/status/195139560924123136

  33. Um, YES I WANT THAT ARC. haha. Thanks for this giveaway. I enjoyed all those pictures, too. And tweeted: https://twitter.com/#!/CAnneFrye/status/195185174491840514

    darcyette AT hotmail DOT com

  34. Such an awesome giveaway!
    Thank you for having it.



    @Annabelleh: Awesome! Entered.

    @Kulsuma: Glad you like it! :D

    @Kat: There's a "Henchwoman" on page 127?? Oh, wadayou know, there is. I was too busy staring at the feathers, I suppose. Though now that you mention it that word makes me think of like... a bodybuilder. This henchwoman is so not a bodybuilder. At ALL. You should know this.

    @Taryn!!! Entered. :)

    @Alicia: Haha! I think I need to update the post and say that bribery-by-cookies is completely legit. xD And you're very welcome!

    @Cassie: Entered! And glad you liked the pictures!

    @Warisha: Entered, too! And you're welcome! :D

  36. I'm so excited to read your book Steph!! It's going to be smashing!

  37. Mmmmmm. Good books and good chocolate?
    I am so there!

  38. Chocolate is perhaps the only thing that can beat an ARC of a book...nah, ARCs rule.

  39. Dear sir,
    I've spent about thirty hours thinking about what I should post, trying to find something captivating, bemusing, or wise to say in order to improve my chances of winning your undoubtedly fantabulous book. So far, all I've come up with is something pointless and nitpicky, which is unfortunate, but worth a shot.
    You wrote that this giveaway thing concludes at midnight EST on 5/1, BUT! I live in the Eastern time zone. We have Daylight Savings Time here. It's spring. So technically, you meant midnight EDT (Eastern Daylight Time). Unless, of course, being your genius self, you intentionally used EST after weighing the costs and benefits of implementing each acronym.
    So... peanut points? Yeah? My English teacher once got a free round of drinks at a restaurant because he pointed out a misplaced apostrophe in their menu. Perhaps I could get some Swiss chocolate and a free ARC for paying attention at Girl Scout Camp? Kinda? Sorta? Maybe? PLEASE?!
    Peace, Love & Faerypunk,
    P.S. I can be reached at majoreyeroll@verizon.net

  40. looks neat, and who doesn't love the chance to win an arc? retweeted: https://twitter.com/#!/hrdoran

  41. @Breanna: You found me blog! *high five*

    @Bderenzis and The Book-Nommer: chocolate is usually just as diverting as books, actually. So I dunno. I'd place them about even. :P


    Dear madam,

    You should not have spent thirty hours of your valuable time trying to find things wise and captivating to say. I used to do that, and now I just use lots of exclamation points and smileys TO SAVE TIME.

    Also, Haha. Ha. Hahahaha. My genius self... *wipes away tear* My genius self had no clue they called time zones different things during daylight savings. None. At all. Perhaps because my genius self never went to Girl Scouts.

    Also, despite all the talk of bribery and cookies in the previous comments, the winner is seriously going to be picked at random.

    But your email is Major Eyeroll. And that's a little bit awesome.

    So maybe you get peanut points AFTER ALL! :D


    @hr doran: Cool! Entered. :)

  42. Oh, this looks good! Pick me!

  43. Actually you should pick me. I know you. That must count for something. ;)

  44. I am giving myself another (fake) entry. Why because this ends on 5/1 aka my birthday? Obviously I should win. sincerely. Me.

  45. Leanne and Nick: Mahvellous. Entered.

    And Nick, IT COUNTS FOR NAUGHT. Sorry. ;) Random number generators are cold-hearted blighters.

  46. Haha!! Rachel. Your comment came like two seconds before I posted that last one.


    Random number generators *might* care a *little* bit about birthdays. x) But even if they don't, big huge virtual HAPPY BIRTHDAY from me. :D

  47. I had the chance to read the manuscript of The Peculiar and it was so good that I couldn't stop reading it. I read the whole book in a weekend :)
    I surprise myself thinking about the story once in a while. You write very well Stefan and I can't wait for the release of the book!
    Here is my email for the ARC and chocolate giveaway:

  48. I came from Imaginism's blog and your book looks awesome, so here I am, joining :)
    I tweeted it of course! http://bit.ly/IJnONC (@LSMist)

  49. Congratulations on your book. The cover looks amazing and I bet it has the content to match! Retweeted from www.twitter.com/lizzy1e :D

  50. INTERN WANTS. *bangs fists* *looks about in a feral manner*

  51. Yor novel looks so amazing. I totally want a chance at that!

  52. I like giveaways and reading and chocolate!

  53. Consider me in! Looks excellent, and congrats on the debut!

  54. Replies
    1. Ah, you probably need a way to get in touch, yeah? griffis [dot] gigi [at] gmail [dot] com.

  55. You had me with creepy folklore-ish ghosts.

    (actually, you probably had me at chocolate, but ghosts just make it more awesome)

    Congrats on your book debut - the buzz is BUZZING!

    (also, I admit it, while I know "ja" - I had to google "twah")

  56. Chocolate and books!! YAY!! :D


  57. Books... chocolate.... BOOKS.... CHOCOLATE!
    I hope I win but either way... I'm going to go find a good book and some chocolate right now!

    @US_Nessie on twitter

  58. "Where's the master of the house?" says Long Lankin.
    "He's 'way to London," says the nurse to him.
    "Where's the lady of the house?" says Long Lankin.
    "She's up in her chamber," says the nurse to him.
    "Where's the baby of the house?" says Long Lankin.
    "He's asleep in the cradle," says the nurse to him.
    "We will pinch him, we will prick him,
    we will stab him with a pin,
    And the nurse shall hold the basin
    for the blood all to run in."

  59. I'd really love to win one!
    The cover is AMAZING!!!! I'm sure what's inside is as amazing as the cover!!


  60. Oooo, how did I miss this until the last possible day?!? Lindt chocolate may be my favorite thing in the WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD. Plus, I really can't wait until September to read THE PECULIAR.

    Retweeting will happen, I promise. I just don't know how to post a link. :)

  61. Sent here via the lovely Sara Megibow on twitter. As an aspiring author/voracious bibliophile, I am always on the prowl for new and exciting to read to broaden my horizons, and besides, who can say no to chocolate, seriously.

  62. I've been waiting for this book for a while now! I mean, who wouldn't with that title? I'm all about peculiar things. I'm glad I found out about this contest before it was too late, thanks to Sara Megibow's retweet :)

    I tweeted about it here too: https://twitter.com/#!/WenBaragrey

  63. Count me in! Sounds fantastic. I'm joining you on Twitter and Goodreads, too.

  64. Ohh, hello Thierry, and Miss Spooky Muffin, and Liz, and THE INTERN, and Amie, and Katie, and all-you-other-good-folks-whose-names-I-am-too-lazy-to-type-out!!! You have all been cast into the random number generator. I'll post the winners tomorrow. :D

  65. Replies
    1. RIGHT? High-five. I knew someone would agree.

  66. Ooohhhhh, this book looks GORGEOUS! Please please please PICK ME!

    1. Aiee. Sorry. I WANT TO GIVE EVERYONE A COPY, but... alas.

      I'm happy you like the looks of the book, though! :D

  67. DAMN! I forgot to enter. But I'll be first in Orell Füssli in Zurich where you will be signing copies in September? yesyes?

  68. DAMN! I forgot to enter. But I'll be first in Orell Füssli in Zurich where you will be signing copies in September? yesyes?

    1. Woo! Would be cool, wouldn't it? I dunno about a signing, but I'm definitely hoping Orell Füssli will stock the book. I want to walk in and freak out over seeing it on the shelf, you see. xD

  69. Looks likes a fantastic read and just love the cover art! Tweet posted at https://twitter.com/#!/bradgoldstein_ :)

    1. Ohh, sorry, the giveaway ended this past Tuesday. But glad you like the cover! :)

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