Tuesday, April 24, 2012

GIVEAWAY: The Peculiar ARC + Swiss Chocolate + Something SURPRISING

Books n' chocolate.
Ok, finally I have googled "How to do a giveaway" and am so totally ready for this. I think. Let's give it a shot.

To enter:

You don't need to follow my blog and be subject to my random gibbering for all eternity. You don't need to follow me on Twitter or add my book on Goodreads(Those links? I don't know how they got there. My reverse psychology? Is ridiculously subtle.)

All you have to do is leave a comment. Preferably with a link so that I can contact you if you win. Also, re-tweets count double, so DO THAT and post that link, twah.

Here's what I'll be giving away:

-  1 Advance Reader Copy of The Peculiar, out September 18th from Greenwillow/HarperCollins

-  2 Two bundles of Swiss chocolate, from the Lindt factory across the hill. 

I'm not kidding, it's right across the hill.

And if I get over 50 entrants - I will throw in a brand-spanking-new paperback of Long Lankin, which is this fantastically creepy foklore-ish ghost story set in post-war England, and only comes out in the US in July, even though you actually want it NOW.

You do, srsly.

So the more the merrier.

Also, the Giveaway is International, and thus you can live wherever you please and still get STUFF FOH FREE. It runs until next Tuesday, May 1st, 2012, midnight EST. When it's over, a number-picker will choose the 3 (or 4) winners at random and I will write them kitschy Swiss postcards and package off the loot to all their cool selves.

So. Post comments, link to re-tweets, say whatever you want and it'll be awesome ja? ok.

Now. As promised, lots of unnecessary photos of the ARC:

More shiny.

More feathers.
Morrrrrrrrrrre shiny.
And the spine. I 'm very attached to the spine. I'm not sure why, though. It's not very shiny at all.

So wasn't that cooahl?! Like, really-really? Every time I see the ARC on my desk I have this sort of demented-hyper-Stefan-attack. Because you know, It's a BOOK. And such a well-put-together-book, artistically. And it has my name on it in big ol' capital lettres even though I wrote it in slobby house clothes while sometimes lying upside down.

It's just very exciting.

Bye. :)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Trailer Tuesday #8: Jack the Giant Killer

Super-short post today because I'm not ready with the giveaway, and this week has decided it wants to be busy.


Last week was still all sunshine and happiness, and I was like, "La-di-da, I shall write books and play piano and it will be glorious," and then I got a commission to write a piece for an orchestra of bass recorders, and it needs to be done right NOW, and must be long and atonal, and I'm not really in a composing mood, which just makes it harder, because I have to write it regardless.

Anyway. The trailer I am showing you this fine Tuesday is about Jack, who kills Giants. 

Watch it right this very moment, I demand it, please.

Kitteh watches beans get wet. Kitteh does nothing. Kitteh is responsible for DEATH OF UNIVERSE.

The dialogue at the beginning is all sorts of corny. I kept waiting for the record-scratching-sound to come on and reveal the whole thing to be a tongue-in-cheek satire-type fantasy. I guess it kind of came when the cat meowed? Maybe? But tongue-in-cheek satire this does not seem to be. I think they were gunning for big-budget fantasy with laughs, because people like laughing and all that.

But I may not have laughed at the right parts.

Still... Fairy tale. Movie. Had to post.


This is the sound I make when I VANISH.

Friday, April 13, 2012


So like fifty-bajillion people clicked on the cover reveal a few days back, which I count as a SUCCESS and is no doubt thanks to the cool people on Twitter who re-tweeted in return for virtual high-fives. Uh. Yeah. In theory that sounded like a good idea, but in practice it more like, "Emmm, I don't know if these people actually want virtual high-fives."

Oh well. They got them anyway.

That represents fifty-bajillion people. See how HAPPY they look??? And they wore hats.
Also, I keep mixing up the different Internet-Platforms-Where-It's-Ok-To-Talk-Endlessly-About-One's-Self and thus I'm not sure who knows what, SO! If I forgot to mention it on zis blawg, The Peculiar is going to be one of the five books on the middle-grade buzz panel at Book Expo America. 

Exciting, NO?!? 


So you know, Book Expo America = big, big book book fair like Bologna, just in America.
Buzz panel = a thing where books that might be buzzy are buzzed about by their editors.
And all together it = awesome in a basket.

Also, a cool contributor to a cool blog called Pub(lishing) Crawl put up a post about Middle Grade covers and one of them was The Peculiar, and when I clicked on the post quite by accident and saw it there among titles like The Cavendish Home for Boys and Girls which I'm kind of perishing to read, I had a HEART ATTACK.

A nice one.

So that was cool, and you should go look at that blog cuz it's interushting. 

And the ARC freak-out post is still coming. I'm kind of afraid of doing the giveaway part, because ARCs have TYPOS IN THEM, and little glitches, and everyone will be like "Ohhh, look who doesn't know how to write," but you know what, I do know how to write, so I'm giving one away, and if you win it you can poke fun at it if you so please. 

Woah. DID YOU SEE THAT? That was determination right there. In real-time. ;) 

To wrap things up, I stumbled across the best quote ever, from Hemingway, whom I usually loathe, and I'm going to post it: 

The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong at the broken places. But those that will not break it kills. It kills the very good and the very gentle and the very brave impartially. If you are none of these you can be sure it will kill you too but there will be no special hurry. 

Aha. Haha. Hm...

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

COVER REVEAL: The Peculiar

Ta-DAW! Here 'tis. The cover for The Peculiar... 

Isn't it cool?

When I first saw the image as a thumbnail in my inbox, I was like "Hem. Surely that's not my cover. It's far too happy-looking."

When I enlarged it and looked at it full-size I was like, "Hem. That sky is really blue."

When I looked at it again, I was like, "Yeeeeeah, I must hear what others have to say about it, because I don't know how to think for myself."


"Wait, hngg?" you say. "You are a clueless-bebeh-author. You are kind of obligated to be like 'Why, goodness me, it's igSAKLY how I imagined it should be."


And I did like it. I loved parts of it. But... But... But it didn't look like the imaginary-and-totally-non-commercial-cover for which I had vague notions in my head.

That sounds really bratty, especially now when I look at the awesome ARCs I was sent, and pat them adoringly, and admire how the colours pop, and how the bird is all gold-foil and embossed, and how the sky is this metallic shimmery blue stuff, and how the artwork shows rather precisely a scene from the book.

But at the time I was just like, "Where is the glooooom? The doom? The gothic, the faery, and the fantasy???" 

I love it now, though. Now that I've seen it in real life. I think that whoever designed it, and drew it, and made it did a really fantastic job, and I'm seriously happy with how it turned out. The artist even carried over some of the details from the book, like the north-south-east-west symbols on the bird's chest, and the blue-ish glow inside, and the capsule for carrying secret-and-most-definitely-sinister messages.

Also: black feathers. Those are important.

Technically none of that matters anyway, though, because the book is shiny. And shiny is of paramount importance. When I was twelve I would always, alwayyyys bee-line it to the shiniest book in the bookstore. I once paid fifty franks for a hardcover of The Looking Glass Wars (fifty franks being my allowance for, like, my entire life) and I didn't really like the book BUT ALL WAS OK because it had a shiny, holographic cover. It's possible I was just a very shallow twelve-year-old, but whatever... Shiny is good. 

I'll do an ARC freak-out post some time later on, and possibly give away a copy, and then you'll be able to see the book from every possible angle in all its shiny, metallic, gold-embossed, shiny glory, because I'll take lots of unnecessary photos.

Bye. :)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Trailer Tuesday #7: Chernobyl Diaries

So, the excitement that was Bologna is over, and the epic drama that was the national music competition is over, and I can now go back to writing posts that don't necessarily have to be all in caps and bold-face-type with exclamation points all the time.

I'm still deciding how best to show off my pyootiful, pyootiful cover, and my shiny, shiny advance reader copies, and I'm also very busy writing book NUMBAH TWO (I guess we're not completely out of the caps stage after all), so to pass the time...

...it's Trailer Tuesday againnnn!

*crowd of pre-schoolers says Yaaaaaaaay...*

This time we'll be showing the trailer to a bloody-disgusting-and-possibly-about-zombies-horror-movie set in Chernobyl.

*crowd of pre-schoolers says Yaaaaaaaay...*

Usually that would not be interesting enough to post, as it contains no English accents, perfectly-framed visuals, or heartbreaking cello solos, but my sister is going to motorcycle herself TO Chernobyl sometime in the near future, so perhaps this will frighten her off.

Heh. But probably not. ;)

Doll be creepy, doll be dead
Doll need a bath, and some hair on its head.

The first time I watched this trailer it did creep me out. Was that pale thing a very small, very frightening person? I don't know, and am therefor creeped out. Also, I'm not sure I'd want to actually watch this movie in real life. But if it's ever an option on movie night I will say, "Hahahahayes."

And then I'll probably act like I need to answer a text message whenever things get grisly, or when very small, very frightening people turn up and... and... and look FRIGHTENING.

But yeah. Gotta go. Bye. :)

*crowd of pre-schoolers says Yaaaaaaaay...*