Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Trailer Tuesday #6: Lockout

I don't much like Sci-fi. Whenever someone asks me, I'll be like, "Ehmmmm, no. Fantasy." But if I actually think about it, I like do sci-fi. I like spaceships, and bunker complexes, and those huge thick doors that always close with resounding booms just as wicked monsters are coming, or the world is exploding, or someone's arm is stuck.

I guess I just don't like Star Wars that much. I do, however, remember the much-maligned Event Horizon as being the scariest movie I've ever seen. So it depends... on... something.

At any rate, I stumbled across the Lockout trailer and was like, "This'll be dumbbbbb." *watches* "This looks kinda cooooo."

Here it is:

Screenshot leaves meh speechless. Really. I have nothing to say to it.

I think the movie's premise is really interesting. A maximum security prison IN SPACE is overrun by its psycho inmates. No one cares, except that the president's daughter is on-board, totally INTERVIEWING SAID PSYCHO INMATES. Enter hero, guns, and one-liners.

The middle part of the trailer gets kinda corny with voice-overs and... presidents. The last part gets back on track with action and explosions and Irish-jig-singing psychos.

So we'll see. It could be entertaining and silly. Or it could be just silly. Either way it has been added it to the long list of movies I really, really, really want to maybe watch someday.

In other news, THE PECULIAR is going to be published in other countries! Ahhhhhhh...  

(That was a Shout of Joy, for those of you who are illiterate.)

HarperCollins's brilliant people started sending the manuscript into the wild blue yonder, and Poland and Brazil bought foreign rights! Like, really fast.

So it's going to be translated into languages I do not understand, and someday I will be able to read it in those languages and be like, "Hsdkjghadfgvbkfjdhgnd-oooh-I WROTE THAT."

This is awesome.

Poland is awesome, and Brazil is awesome, and HC is awesome, and they all pretty much make up for a week that has been borderline lame. *glares at heap of music that really ought to be practiced once or twice before national competition*


  1. Congratulations! That is *awesome*!! What a feeling! I want to see the Polish edition.

  2. Thank you! I want to see it too. And the Brazilian one. And the US one...xD