Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bologna 2012: Part Tu

Ok! Onward in the adventure. None of you fruitloops guessed which author I met. Even though I practically GAVE IT AWAY.

Fruitloops the lot o' ya.

I kid, of course you're not fruitloops. You're more like...  cheerios. :) Awesome cheerios.

I'll tell you at the end. Of this post.

So. After Breakfast with Kristin and Smuggling of Mothers into Fairs, we met up with Anita Mumm of Nelson Literary, who was super nice. Anita took us to my meeting with the Brazilian publisher of The Peculiar. Who was also super nice. Brazilian Publisher asked how I came to write the book, and what kinds of things I like to read, and why I was so young. (I think I was born that way, but it's a valid question.)
This photo doesn't capture any exciting-ness or sparkles either. I'm all like "Shyeaaah, " and Anita's all like "Shyeaaah." BUT! You asked for pictures. So I comply.
After the meeting Anita took us to the HarperCollins booth in one of the vast, vaaaaaast halls.

And guess what was there...


Keep guessing.

And you'll just have to continue guessing because I'm mean I don't want to actually show you yet. It's too exciting. Toooo exciting to be put into this post. I decided to make a separate post about it, with the cover reveal, and pictures of my awesome shiny ARCs, and stuff.

The cover has actually been floating around the internets for several weeks now, so it's not really going to be a surprising reveal. But you can gasp and pretend to be surprised anyway, ok?

Suffice it to say that HC had a big ol' poster of my book right there on their booth, and total random strangers stopped to admire it, and some of them even flicked out notepads to write down SECRET-AND-HOPEFULLY-FLATTERING-THINGS about it.

Anyway, after much freaking out over that, we stopped our wanderings to have lunch at one of the fair's bright red food-courts. The line was SO LONG. And you had to pay right away, without actually knowing what you want, so where's the thinking there? Foolishness! We ended up being shoved some gooky sandwiches with wilt-y lettuce, that I'm sure were not anything like what we ordered. But dare you say anything when hordes of starving book people are waiting behind you? 

NO. You dare not.


Then we found a feather.

It was a black feather.

Proof? I give it to you:


 <----- feather
If you've read The Peculiar, and you probably haven't, you'll know that black feathers are a little bit important in ze book. So when Mom and I saw this lonely little black feather on the floor we were like, "WHAT DOES IT MEAN???"


Then I fell asleep.

I'm not kidding. At all.


You need to calm down.

But seriously, I KNOW! What's up with that? Sleeping at the biggest children's book fair in the world... is lame. It seemed very logical at the time, though. We had been walking around for hours, and found a bench, and since Mom was occupied reading the thirty-four pounds of publisher's catalogs she had filched from various stands, I went to sleep!

When I woke up, it was almost time for the HarperCollins meeting.

So I was like, "Fare thee well, Motherrr!" and scurried up the agent's center to loiter around until Kristin was done with her meetings. It was kind of awkward, this loitering. Everyone no doubt thought I was one of those writers who leap from behind potted palms and TACKLE unsuspecting agents, and demand that the unsuspecting agent represent my Work of Genius® right NOW. 
This is how the agent centre looks. Lotsa, lotsa agents and potted palms, muahahaha.
But I survived, and Kristin took me to the HarperCollins booth where we were meeting the sub-rights people, who are doing a grand job of selling the book to exotic countries. The sub-rights people were just as super nice as all the super nice people I had met previously.

And now for the big news that you've all been dying to hear. Right? Dying?

The author I met... was... Marie Lu. Of Legend fame. She was also super nice. I have her book - her shiny, shiny book - sitting somewhere among my teetering to-read piles. So all I could say was, "AH OWN YOUR BOOK! But I haven't actually read it yet." 

Very smooth.

Anyway. The fair was terrifantasticallamazingwithicecream, and I'm very grateful that HarperCollins allowed me to go, and that all the people I met there were so cool and welcoming.

I don't know if I was expecting to meet a bunch of ogres or something. Hmm. But the whole thing was definitely the best possible introduction to Book World I could have hoped for.

Let's wrap things up with a random picture:
Bologna by night.

The end! :)


  1. So, I know the feather was very important but I wanna see a photo of the poster! Pretty please.

    Without the exciting pictures you are describing your excitement very well.

  2. The feather WAS important! xD But yeah, the poster'll be in the next post. Or the one after.

    Also, ha. This is good. Caps and exclamation points work wonders. ;)