Monday, March 19, 2012


I'm going to Bologna.

In like... five minutes.

Because there's a ginormous children's book fair there and HarperCollins GAVE ME A TICKET! That's why. Thank you, HarperCollins.

I know, I know, this is a very anti-climactic way to say things, and you are no doubt clutching your screen in shock, and shaking it, and screaming, "Whaaaah haven't you been gibbering excitedly about this for the last twelve POSTS???" 

Because, see, I wanted to announce it in style, with a vlog, and firecrackers, and freaking out.

But there was no time. :'(

So off I go, plunging into Book World without any firecrackers at all, though there'll be plenty of freaking out I can assure you. I'm alternating between being ridiculously excited and being a little bit nervous. It's kind of surreal, this thought of stepping from the Book World I know thus far, which has been made up entirely of emails and phone calls, to real-life PLACES full of flesh-and-blood PEOPLE who all seem terribly important.

I'm going to meet Kristin Nelson and HarperCollinsisisisis sub-rights people. I'm going to put on my best professional face and see if I can trick everyone into thinking I'm a serious author, and not some random teenager who must be KICKED OUT.

Because you'll notice the fair's website says  that it "is rigorously reserved to professional operators," and of course this means that they kick people out on their be-HINDS if they don't look like professional operators. I don't actually know how professional operators look, but it involves wearing tri-corn hats, surely. In which case, I AM PREPARED.

I joke. Up there? Joke.

So! If I can hold up this daring ruse for long enough, I will take many surreptitious pictures and make a big long post about my perilous adventure... later.



  1. I'm going to hold you to that "big long blog post..."

    Have fun!

  2. Soon, soon! I need to survive the nationals and then I'm done for... a while, and will try to squish the experience into blog form.

    And thank you, I did! :D