Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Trailer Tuesday #4: Scary British Movies

Oho, because I am UNSPEAKABLY EVIL I lied about posting twice last week. I'm sorry. Really. Things came up. Lots of things. I had a concert. And rehearsals. ALL WEEKEND.

But there's always Trailer Tuesday, right? Forgiven? Pleath?

This Trailer Tuesday is about scary movies. I like scary movies. Not bloody movies, mind you, or gory movies, or pointlessly grisly movies. Anything having to do with dismemberment, skin punctures, and/or noisy bone-breaking is not for me. (Especially finger-breaking. Broken fingers make me ill.)

However, movies about haunted houses, haunted eyes, more haunted eyes, haunted video-tapes, haunted phones, haunted shoes, haunted hair extensions, haunted washing-machines, haunted cellos, and HAUNTED TOOTHPICKS, are totally for me. I assume. I've only ever seen the haunted house/eyes/video-tape ones. And I don't know if there are any movies about haunted toothpicks, but if there aren't someone should make one, because the possibilities are endless and terrifying.

Two Scary British Movies (I suggest we give them the startlingly catchy acronym SCBRMO) are coming out soon in far-off Switzerland and I want to see them. They're historical, and have ghosts, and creepy goings-ons, and muted colour pallets, and... just... all the good stuff.

The one I want to watch more is the teeny-bit generically-titled The Awakening:

Um, there's an arrow on mah face. Make it go, please.

Looks jolly, no? Rebecca Hall plays in it. I think she's great. She also plays in Christopher Nolan's The Prestige. Which is great. She plays the sole sympathetic character in that movie. Which is not so great. Because do you know what happens to her?

Spoiler:SHE DIES A HORRIBLE TRAGIC DEATH. That's what happens to goody-goodies.

See what I did there? With the black? And it's like invisible and stuff? Tricksy.

Anyway, creepy boarding school in the 1920's strikes me as a rather original setting. Also, the image of the person in the corridor with the rifle has been burnt into the back of my mind since watching. It intrigues me. "Why is this person wearing tux? And standing?! In a corridor!?? With a RIFLE!!! Must watch."

The next SCBRMO is The Woman in Black. I don't know how famous this material is in the US, but in England especially, it's a rather a part of culture. First it was a book, and then a stage play that has been running in London's West End for about a thousand years now, and seriously... have you ever seen a frightening stage play? I think the answer to that question is no.

This SCBRMO does look a notch lower on the sophistication scale, but... I thought The Village was brilliant, so you can ignore my sophistication scale if it you want to.

Ooh, somebody found pennies! 
*winks at the four people in the known universe who will get that joke*