Thursday, February 9, 2012

So This Tram ATE ME

A Zürich tram - Look at its angry eyes. They are angry tram-eat-people eyes.
There I was mindin' mah own business, on my way to the conservatory in skinny jeans and a pea-coat because it's earth-shatteringly cold here and skinny jeans and a pea-coat is simply what pretentiously artsy music students wear in earth-shatteringly cold weather... and a tram door closes on me.

A tram door.

It closes.

On me.

And I was thinking, "Surely the tram door will stop before squishing me. I mean, technology? Hello? Not to mention laws. There must be laws against tram doors squishing peopleaaaah."


Or there might not be.

I was rescued by an iPod-listening student, and I since I was listening to my iPod as well, we stared dumbly at one another and then gibbered back and forth something that I'm fairly certain neither of us understood.

Good ol' human-to-human communication, you know?

Anyway, someone should  pass a law against tram doors squishing people. Seriously. What do we pay these people for.

I should probably wave my sarcasm sign at this point. Just in case. *waves sarcasm sign*


  1. Ha! I've had that happen before with an elevator. I was pushing my grandfather into the car, but no one warned us that the elevator's "bumpers" (those things that make the doors snap open if someone's between them) had been removed by a technician that morning. The doors tried to squish him, while a nurse and I were trying to hold them apart AND maneuver the wheelchair at the same time, and THEY JUST WOULDN'T STOP!

    Very nerve-wracking.

  2. It squished your wheelchair-bound GRANDFATHER??? That's just not ok. At least I was in a position to defend myself.

    But yeah, it's definitely not something we expect to happen these days. x)

  3. HAHAHAHA!! the ipod convo. i do that aaaalllll the time. XD