Tuesday, February 14, 2012

People in Boxes

Yeah, that pretty much sums up my mood for today. If this post is a little bit blah, you have been warned by a half-page-large Jpeg.

Anyway, I'm going to write about people in boxes. Yaaaaaay... 

First the history - I live in a very old house. I've lived in this very old house for as long as I can remember. When my family moved into this very old house it had been empty for twenty years. The very old lady who lived in this very old house those twenty years ago left us jars of jam. Which is icky. We didn't eat them.

We ungrateful wretches, we.

It was a good place to kinda-sorta pretend you were growing up. It was full of old junk - which has subsequently been replaced by new junk - and I remember there was an oblong box with a padlock on it in one shadowy corner of the horse-barn, and my siblings and I were convinced it contained a corpse.

(Because oblong boxes locked with padlocks always, alwayyyys contain something horrific. - Rule #6 of childhood.)

The box is still sitting in its shadowy corner of the horse-barn, and to this day I don't what's in it.

However! This post is not about dead people in boxes, but dead people in picture-frame-box-like-THINGYS. You see, my Dad found an an old photograph in the attic and I wanted to share it with y'allzez. Because old photographs are intriguing. They just are. Whenever I see one I get all stalker-ish, and am like, "Who-was-this-person-and-what-did-they-do-after-the-picture-was-taken-and-what-did-they-say-and-what-did-they-go-home-to-and-I-must-KNOW-these-things."

Most likely the answers are boring, possibly they are not, and the intriguing thing is that we never will know.

So here it is, dum-da-dum, never-before-seen, antique photoGRAPH!

He looks rather proud in his plumed helmet, does he not?

There's no name or date on the picture. The words in the corner are the name of the 'photographic art studio' it was taken at. I thought the Ad. Schoder might be an abbreviation of 'Admiral', but... admirals are on boats. And Switzerland doesn't really have... an impressive... naval presence. Because... It's like...

Because it's a landlocked country. 

Nobody seems to get that joke. I used to kid about joining the Swiss navy, and people would just be like 'Sweeeeet'.

Also, does anyone know when that uniform is from? I'm fairly certain it predates WWI. Maybe the Franco-Prussian War. Which would mean the 1870's. Which would mean this photo is... *counts on fingers* ...ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY YEARS OLD.  


End blah-ness. Need to go out into the cold, cold world and buy orange marmalade. Bye.


  1. I woke up blah today toooooo! Must be February. Orange marmalade cheers you oop. ;) Also, I think you're right - Franco-Prussian or later. But don't take my word for it.

  2. Blah-ness is only allowed January. I dunno wassup. Also, I THOUGHT THEY TAUGHT YOU ABOUT WAR COSTUMES IN ANTHROPOLOGY!!! What's the point otherwise? xD

  3. BAHA! No, they teach you more whyyyy people wear war costumes in the first place.... Not half as interesting really.