Tuesday, February 28, 2012


So I had just typed up a loooooong post involving a party, and punch, and some music-student toomfoolery that happened a few months ago, and then I got all paranoid about it and decided it was NSFA, and NSFB, and just generally NS, so that was the end of that.

There will be no post about parties, punch, and music-student tomfoolery. Ever.

But all that had nothing to do with anything, because this post is about faerypunk.



I explain.

It's faerys + steampunk, and it should be the next big thing. I'm not biased at all, mind you. At all. Faerypunk is simply awesome. Clock-tech and such-like are cool by themselves, but juxtaposed with creepy-crawly-misty-shady faery lore, they are positively arctic. Also, it makes total sense, because, like, after wizard boarding-schools, vampires, and teenagers killing themselves and each other, SHOULD COME FAERYPUNK.


I think so.

Anyway, a whole row of interesting and exciting faerypunk books are coming out over the next twelve months, one of which is miiiiine. Had I known that clever people were writing faerypunk books at the same time as me, I would probably have despaired and written something else, but at the time I was still like, "Oho, I am being very original," so all was well.

Now I'm just like, "Well, these books were written by different people, and thus will be awesome in their own different ways, ergo it doesn't matter that they all have steampunk and faerys in them."

Because I'm pretty sure if you gave two writers the exact same story outline and told them to write their fingers off, the two books resulting would not really be at all the same.

Below are the faerypunkerz books I found while scouring the internets, and they really do look awesome. When they find their way to Zürich's English bookshop, I shall snatch them.

Goblin Secrets by William Alexander - His book comes out in March, so he beat us all DEAD. The cover art has a real purty colour scheme goin' on, and the book has Baba Yaga, and clockwork, and goblins, and traveling theater, and sounds just grand.

Innocent Darkness by Suzanne Lazear - It's out in August, so we'll all just have to wait in abject agony for months and months and months for our next faerypunk fix. It's YA, I think, and features a dreadful boarding school, and visits to the Otherworld, and human sacrifices, and yeah!

The Peculiar by Stefan Bachmann - MAH BOOK. *runs around* It has a release date now, by the way. I just found this out, along with some other interesting stuff that I'm not sure I'm allowed to squawk about yet. Anyway, September 18, HarperCollins is going to be throwing this book at people's FACES. So that makes me feel legit.

stitch throws book

Ironskin by Tina Connolly - Great title, no? The book comes out in October. And the synopsis intrigues me: A steampunk-fantasy retelling of Jane Eyre. I didn't particularly like Jane Eyre when I read it, but Bronte forgot to put wars and steampunk and THE PLAGUE in her version.

The Falconer by Elizabeth May - Comes out in 2013, and is also YA. More faerys and steampunk, but in Scotland, and on Goodreads it says the faerys are monstrous, which strikes me as awesome, because that's the way faerys should be.

And that's faerypunk! Also, I just recalled - I'm going to Ascona at the end of this week and will be utterly cut off from the world for TWO DAYS. So don't text me, you Europeans, for I will be very busy swimming in my grandparents' pool until I shrivel into a prune.

Bye. :)


  1. I wish they would leave Jane Eyre alone. She is perfect the way she is.

  2. wait what music student tomfoolery? xD i want to hear this story!! was i there?

  3. Hmm. I dunno, I wasn't a fan of the original (Wuthering Heights was way better, IMHO). So adding steampunk and THE PLAGUE seems pretty awesome to me. ;) But I suppose if I really liked the book I wouldn't want anything changed either.

    @Beck! I don't think you were. Emma's, NYE? I'm sure one of us has told you this story, though... xD

  4. 1- where did you get a picture of my puppy? This is most disturbing to me.

    2 - I didn't know your book was faerypunk. You get brownie points for that (though I don' recommend giving them to actual brownies - nasty little buggers, those, and totally ungrateful for anything.

    3 - your choices are decidedly lacking in creepy clockwork circuses, which my book includes. Hopefully it will find a home soon and the dirth of supernatural circuspunk will be ended. :-D

    4 - all things "punk" shall now take over the world.

  5. 1 - Your puppeh I kidnapped! And took a picture of him! But he disapproved of me, and my camera, and he didn't appreciate music-student tomfoolery either. So I sent him back to you. On foot. He's prolly somewhere in the Atlantic now, disapproving the fish.

    2 - I never share my brownie points with brownies. Or my brownies with brownies. I just never share brownies.

    3 - You wrote a book about creepy clockwork circuses??? AH! That's awesome! No doubt it will sell at auction for seven-thousand-bajillion dollars and be released in 2013. xD

    4 - Yes! All things "punk"! But faerypunk first. :P

  6. Stefan, I found this post via google search for "steampunk ballerina" because I love A) steampunk and 2)ballet and Z) I'm a YA novelist looking to meld the two - now I must rejoice further for you are introducing me to faerypunk AND your book which goes straight on my TBR list.

    Cheers. Hope you have returned safe and sound from the grands'~

  7. I kind of want to read this steampunk ballerina book right NOW. Because A) I KNOW, ISN'T STEAMPUNK IS AWESOME?? and B) going to an art school, I've found that ballerinas are fascinating creatures. And unrelated C) I'm pretty sure every agent/editor out there would become freakishly excited based on that two-word hook alone.

    Also, I'm happy you want to read my book!!! Seriously. This pleases me beyond measure.

  8. Waitwaitwait, you're book is FAIRYPUNK? Or faerypunk as you Europeans prefer to spell it. Psh. complicating an already complicated language.

    Anywayyyyyyyyyyy. So. Last fall I went to see this musical that was called Avalon. I was told "IT"S SO AWESOME! GO SEE IT! IT'S STEAMPUNK! IT'S GREATTTT!!!" So I was like "Steampunk! HECK YES!" So I went to see it. It was utter fail. FAIL. FAIL! First of all: it wasn't steampunk, people just sewed gears to their clothing and pretended it was all steampunky. Second: it was like fairy King Arthur land smashed into disgruntled factory workers from England AND THEY CALLED IT STEAMPUNK!

    Needless to say, it was lame. It was fail.

    So all I can say is that I'm sooooooooooooooooo glad you get to put a good name on fairypunk :DDDDD

    And now where is my advanced copy? :DDDD

    Also, I just looked you up on Amazon. YOU"RE ON AMAZON. HEEEEE :D So amusing. :D

  9. Lyssa, courageous soul!!! I hive-five you.

    So I googled this musical of yours and the description actually sounds interesting. The website says it's 'Tristan and Isolde in an alternate steampunk history WITH MAGIC.' And that's totally faerypunk. But I found a few pages of the script and it was a little bit sketch. Still, if it came within twenty miles of me, I would WATCH IT.

    Also, I just heard that the advance reader copies are coming soon! Which is terribly exciting. But I don't know how many copies I'll get. And a surprising number of people have asked me for one. So I might be really cruel and tell everyone to pass their copy on after they read it. Though if you don't there's not a whole lot I can do about it. Except HUNT YOU DOWN AND SNATCH IT FROM COLD DEAD FINGERS.

    I joke. You'll get one. Srsly. ;)


    And I'm on AMAZON? WHAT??? This IS very amusing. Like, really, people are going to *pay* for these words I wrote? xD

  10. Hahahaha, Shtef, Avalon was entertaining, BUT NOT STEAMPUNK ENOUGH. But sadly, it was written by the high schools choir director and... ahem... he just weird, that's all I can say. Like, the music was okay, but the lyrics were terribly mediocre. So I'm afraid if you had seen it your ears would bleed and then I would feel responsible. XD

    YAY! ADVANCED COPY! WOOT. Heheh. Well. I suuuuupooooseeee I could share with my siiiisterrr..... hmph. XD I'm kidding. That's fine. I just can't wait for the chance to read it!!! :D

    And, no, people aren't going to pay for your words. I didn't say your words are on Amazon. YOU"RE ON AMAZON. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Letsee. *checks bank account* I guess I can pay... oh... hmm... $8.33 for you. That's all I can spare.

    Kidding :D

  11. HAHA! But I don't wanna be for sale on Amazonnnnnnn. *sniffles*


    At least not for $8.33

    You'd have to do better than that. xD