Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Trailer Tuesday 3#: Snow White vs. Snow White

It's Trailer Tuesday Day againnnn! Yup. Yes. Indeed.

"But there was a Tuesday last week," you say, reproachfully. "And the week before. And the week before. And you didn't write anything. You betrayed us."

To which I reply, "Oh, but there wasn't. I snipped out all those little Tuesdays. From my calendar. And then I went my merry way, singing and dancing. You were just looking at the wrong calendar, yo."


So, now that I've probably frightened everyone off with that borderline crazy-person intro, let's get down to business. I was going to write about The Hobbit, but it came out aaaages ago, and everyone has already seen it, and let's face it, there's not much to say. It's too short. It looks amazing. I'm excited. The music's purty, and the colours pop like bananas.

I thought I'd write instead about two slightly less exciting fantasy movies coming out this year.

Perhaps you've heard of the two Snow White movies coming from different studios 2012? No? NO??? Ah well. They were born from the fairytale craze that followed Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland making a BILLION DOLLARS. They were both green-lit around the same time, by different studios, and luckily for the Different Studios, they turned out to be very different projects.

Watch, watch.

First up is Snow White and the Huntsmen. The main character is Bella Swan. The other main character is Thor. The other main character is an Oscar-winner. Make sense? No.

Next up is the Julia Roberts one. Mirror, Mirror by Tarsem Singh of Immortals fame. Or something. Actually, he's probably most famous for making movies with rather impractical-looking costumes.

I like how in the first screenshot she's all like "KIAAAAAI!!!", and in the second one she's just like "Ooh, apple."

Not so similar-looking, are they? They both look kinda, sorta, potentially amusing. Or at least diverting. I'm not ridiculously excited about them the way I was when I heard Tim Burton was directing ALICE IN OPIUM-INDUCED WONDERLAND. But they look ok. Give me the straight-faced camp of Snow White and the Hunstmen over the broad comedy of Mirror, Mirror any day though. Because that liquid-y mirror creature is cool. As is is the monster gorilla thingy that Miss White is gawping at.

Excitement factor Snow White and the Huntsmen: might watch in theaters if I can bribe, threaten, or otherwise unlawfully coerce my friends to go see a non-arthouse flick.

Excitement factor Mirror, Mirror: I'm afraid no amount of bribery, threatening, or unlawful coercion will persuade them to watch a HAPPY *gasp* POP-SOUNDTRACKED *double gasp* COMMERCIALLY-APPEALING *hyperventilates* movie. But that's ok. I haven't actually watched a movie I was not freakishly excited about since... Tron: Legacy. Which came out like fifty years ago. (Aka, 2010) So I will almost certainly pass on this one.

What do you think? Did either of these jiggle your jollies?


  1. Snow White and the huntsman jiggled my jollies! :D

  2. BAHAHA! Kat, you silly. XD

    Stef Iiiii'd watch Mirror, Mirror with you!! But agree it looks kinda weird and we'd have to watch Huntsman first and then we'd prolly never get around to this one.