Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Oh Noes!

I have a tragic announcement to make.

Don't cry, ok? Ok.

Here goes...

There'll be no Trailer Tuesday today.


Your face is blank because you're in shock, right? And your heart just broke into little tiny pieces? And you have so many feelings welling up inside you and you just can't express them? There, there...

But seriously, this is lame. I failed at my fail-proof way of putting up regular content. Whyyyy, you ask?

I was busy wearing galoshes and chasing my little brother through vast muddy fields and then dragging all that mud back inside and clogging the sink with it. By accident.

I was busy revising and panicking and obsessing over every single word in my manuscript. 

I had a headache. And... still have a headache. But I'll wrap it in shiny paper and give it to you if you want.

Wait, wha?

Ok, really, I'm terribly sorry, and I hope to have all sorts of exciting content up here latah oahn, and I now insert a whole bunch of excuses that make me feel better about wasting your time.

Happy New Year anywhoooo!!! I hope you have a dashing good one. :) Because it's 2012. :) And the world's going to end. :) And everyone will be killt.



  1. Ugh. I know how that goes. Migraines are no fun for anyone and they have absolutely no respect for the writer's time table.

  2. Hiya. Found the link to your blog on the NLA newsletter. A big congrats on your book coming out in the fall. That must feel stellar! So sorry to hear about the headache. That is definitely less awesome. Hope you're feeling better soon. :D

  3. @Josin: They should be banned. We should protest to unions or something.

    @CherylAnne: Hi! Thank you!! Once I've sent off the revision I'm sure my headache will poof into nonexistence. :)