Tuesday, December 6, 2011


This week I:

- ate gold-plated chocolate.

- figured out how use iTunes. Clever,  clever!

-  had an interesting experience involving a dog in night-time.

So there was this kid, see, maybe four years old, walking past our creaky old house one evening. And lying in front of Creaky Old House was our doggy Retta.

See? Doggy Retta.

Perhaps not the most intimidating creature on the planet.

Doggy Retta is pretty much afraid of everything except things that are afraid of her. So things like snails and newborn kittens. And certain children. Like this kid. She spotted him, he spotted her. She sensed he was terrified of her. And no doubt thinking this was an opportunity not to be missed, she started barking up a storm.

The kid screeched, "YOUR DOG IS A COWWW!"


Nooooooo. Why is my dog a cow? I distinctly remember bringing a puppy back from that farm in that valley by that river. How could this happpennnn... * distress*

The kid actually said something else, in some foreign language I don't understand, and the mom had to explain this to me patiently after I lol'd at the expense of her poor barked-at kid. But I liked the first explanation better.

And speaking of cows - I got pictures with some. Because my editor asked for informal 'Swiss' photos of me, and what could possibly be more Swiss than cows I ask you? To which you reply, "Why, nothing, of course! Switzerland invented cows". To which I nod sagely and put on a pair of sunglasses.

So. Cows being in the field, my mom and I sidled up stealthily and took pictures.

This is me being stealthy.

Note how The Cow is totally not looking in my direction. In fact, it's clearly completely oblivious to my very existence.

This picture wasn't sent to my editor, BTW. I thought you should know.


  1. lol. XD what language was it?

  2. Hey punk? I just snorted chai all over my iphone. You shall pay for this.

  3. Hey laughy taffy? Chai + iPhone + snorting things = waytoomainstream. So it serves you right.

  4. *hipster-girl slurp*

  5. Weeeeeeeee read your blaaaahg!! :D BTW, I like that cow picture. You should have sent me the other onessss! I didn't get to vote. *huffs*

  6. Mmm, too late now. Sorry! :D

    Anyway. I need to go to school. Bäeeee!

  7. i don't have school for another few hours. :P

  8. *So* lax. Run along now. Off to the den of vipers. Say hi to the LUNATIC FLUTIST for me. xDDDDD

  9. oooh its like our own privat facebook! ;)

    I havent seen the lunatic flutist in a while actually.

  10. Katherinnnnnnnne!!!! Maybe he died.

  11. Um, no. This is not your private facebook! >:I Also, you guys should get Google accounts. You're towtally non-legit.

    Annnnnd... I don't think he died. I saw him a few months ago in his usual perch. I seriously suspect he's like Forrest Gump 2.0