Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Trailer Tuesday 2#: The Raven

Trailer Tuesday is two Tuesdays awld! Woo-ee. It's the thing where every Tuesday I pick a trailer that caught my attention and show it off. I cheated this week and wrote the post wayyyy in advance because I knew I'd be doing other stuff this vacation. Like whipping my manuscript into shape.

Anyway... here 'tis. The Raven:

It's Edgar Allen Poe. Sort of. It's a mish-mash of his stories with him as the main character.

The good? There are way too few movies featuring his writing. Which is criminal because he's only like the most original Victorian author in the history of ever.

The bad? It looks kinda hokey. Like a 19th century SAW. Even though I doubt there'll be a The Raven PART 17 coming out in a few years like there will be a SAW flick. I wish someone would make a really great Gothic movie that's perhaps not total horror schlock like that Van Helsing movie was. I liked that Van Helsing movie, mind you. *gasps all around* But it was schlock. A big fat bowl of green slimy schlock and vampire babies.

So. Excitement factor for this one: Not freakoutable-making. Probably won't watch.

.          .           .

And since that was really boring, this Trailer Tuesday comes with a bonus feature: Look what certain kind folk brought back from Salzburg for me!


Aaaaaah luv eht. It sits on my editing and goggles at me, and it makes me feel sane.

*There was an old Mozart who swallowed a violin. I don't why he swallowed a violin. Perhaps he'll die.
There was an old Mozart who swallowed a piece of sheet music. I don't know why he swallowed a piece of sheet music. Perhaps he'll die.
There was an old Mozart who swallowed a snow globe. He's dead, of course.  He asphyxiated and now looks perpetually jolly and cross-eyed! Yaaaaaaaay...

And that'll only make sense if you've read this loverly  rhyme once or twice in your life. It's like the best one ever.

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