Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Trailer Tuesday #1: Chronicle

I have decided, dum-da-dum-dum, that after failing miserably to keep my own blogging schedule last week, I should come up with a fail-proof way to get regular content up heah. So I did. And here it is: Once a week I'll post a trailer I've seen recently, that perhaps you have not seen, and give my two cents on it.

If I were smart I'd talk about books instead of movies, but a lot of people already do, and I like movies, and I never claimed to be the brightest star in the sky, and even if I rarely get around to watching any of these movies, the trailers have all the good bits anyway. :)

(Note: There'll still be random weekly posts about whatever's going on in my life, and about books, and music, but they'll just pop up whatever day I get around to them. That way I can't be late.)

Trailer the First iiiiis... "Chronicle"!

Watch, watch. Blogger makes it tiny, so just hit the box if you want to embiggen on Youtube.

Looks pretty interesting, no? It's like a mumblecore superhero movie. I'll admit I never would have stumbled across this myself. The mighty film co-agent who is peddling my book to Hollywood mentioned it over the phone. She was talking about the many glamorous people who make up the skin-and-bones of her job (apparently her agency reps Johnny Depp), and me being somewhat star-struck, ran and looked them all up afterwards. (Not Johnny Depp. I knew who he was. Because he's famous and stuff.) The director of "Chronicle" was one of the peoples she mentioned, and so I watched the trailer, annnnd it was cool.

Found-footage has been done to death. So have superheroes. But both at the same time is fresher than most things out these days. Also, the concept of kids with awesome powers, yet not a streak of hero-tude or responsibility, makes for a rather intriguingly disturbing premise, dontcha find?

Excitement level: want to watch.