Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Hunger Games (It's Like Survivor for Psychos)

Katniss: LaLaLaLa.
Effie Trinket: Isn't she just maaahvellous? *smirky smirk*

I finished it! It was very thrilling. But the second half got mushy. And the whole thing struck me as weirdly light and fluffy for being about murder-for-entertainment. There were some passing remarks about superficiality and rebelling against the authority, but I guess with all the hype, I was expecting something deep and thought-provoking. I dunno. It's not like it wasn't tragic. And violent. Maybe it just seemed light and fluffy because I was in a light and fluffy mood while reading it. Being in a pity-me mood always makes books so much more dire.

But it was great for what it was, which is a lightning-paced, incredibly intriguing dystopia. Definitely stayed up way too late reading it. And I ran and bought the sequel as soon as I was done, even though... hmm... I'm kind of afraid it can't be as good as the first. The main charm of THG for me was the arena, and these very different kids being pitted against each other in a fight for survival, and the fact that every waking second CATO MIGHT KILL YOU. Like I said: charm. I don't know how compelling it will be once the characters go their merry ways.

We shall see.

Three things I feel obligated to comment on:

- on page 4, Katniss pulls on her boots first and then her pants? Ummm... ok. I've tried that and it never ends well.

- Peeta's name. I mean, I get that he's a sonova baker, but naming him after bread? Suzanne Collins was probably like, "Hmmmm, I could call him Muffin or Taco or Danish Pastry, or... OMG... Pita!!! It's like Peter just Pee-tah, and then I shall spell it like Peeta and ooh my I'm very brilliant."

- The last third. The part where Peeta and Katniss are >:O *SPOILER* >:O lolling in a cave and being fed lamb stew from silver parachutes. And Katniss is madly in love. And then after they win, and they're on the train home she's just like, "Ah's jez messin' witchoooooo."


Disclaimer: Stefan Bachmann can not be held accountable to rabid fangirls for any statements made on this blog, nor does he mean any disrespect whatsoever to Suzanne Collins, who he actually does think is very brilliant. He's just a brat. If he ever meets her he will be like, "I think Peeta's a GREAT NAME."


  1. I LUUUUV THG!!!!! and im team peeta so dont be hatin. >:(

  2. You are hilarious. Seriously.

    I loved THE HUNGER GAMES, but I will admit it's the best in the series. CATCHING FIRE AND MOKINGJAY are both good, but not as good as THG.

  3. And apparently I can't spell Mockingjay. It's early!

  4. @Emmi: They have teams? Ok, I'm team Foxface. She was cool. And then she died.

    @Natalie: Thank you! :) Yeah, I kinda suspected THG would be the best. I'm half-way through CATCHING FIRE right now and it's definitely fun to read, but not in the same edge-of-your-seat way as THG. Still, unless something really lame happens at the end I'll be buying MOCKINGJAY next.

  5. TEAM FOXFACE IS BAD! Anyway you can only be Team Peeta or Team Gale. It's the rulez. XDD

  6. Ick. In which case I'll just be Team Wall-of-Fire That Incinerates People.

  7. I agree with you 100%. And then they destroyed the movie. Gary Ross should die. (Okay not really, he should just have some sort of very painful punishment.)

  8. AH!!! FELLOW-MOVIE-NOT-LIKER! I honestly enjoyed the first book, and the movie is just... like... a meh sort of recap of all the important scenes. I think it might have *seemed* good if I hadn't read the book first and known all the twists. But then there's all the shaky-cam and scenes that should have been sad but where just kind of cheesy. Oh well. I think Gary Ross's painful punishment is that he's not doing Catching Fire. So he'll have to economize. :P

  9. All of the important scenes... ohhh well I can think of so many that they left out, the most prominent being the sleep syrup. And don't get me started on the lamb stew. Or the mutts. lol Yes, maybe it would have been better if I hadn't read the book first, but I think it would have ben even more confusing. I must say I'm relieved that he won't be doing Catching Fire, hopefully they get someone awesome. The shaky-cam resulted in everyone I was with stumbling around nauseously. Not good, I was the only one who didn't feel sick. Yes... I can go on about The Hunger Games for days. I must go now, off to town! Au revoir!

  10. THE LAMB STEW! That's right. It was just regular broth in the movie. No stewed prunes to be SEEN.

    Treachery, I tell you. Treachery.

  11. Such treachery! How dare they take out the lamb stew! Not to mention the rest of the food (hot chocolate, anyone?).