Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Thing One and Thing Two

Because watching graveyards is boring.

Whew! Busy week. Aside from being the worst tweeter (Twitterer? Tweet-typer? Squawker?) ever, I'm also a baaaaad blogger, so I'm resolving to post at least once a week from now on. Hopefully with something interesting to say. Starting next week, because today I have nothing interesting to say.

I got deadlines for book #1 and book #2. Book #1 is done already, obviously, so that deadline is just for edits. Book #2 on the other hand... Slightly worrisome, but not nearly as much as I thought it would be. It's actually nice to know exactly when the book has to be finished. Made me stop being lazy and start writing every day again.

I wrote 9,000 words last week, which makes me terribly happy, especially since some of those words might not have to be deleted next time I look at them. I have the book #2's plot outlined. More or less. I know what needs to happen all the way up to the climax and I've written the last paragraph. :) So second-book-syndrome has not set in! And I desperately hope it doesn't because I'd fall into sheer and bloody panic.

I can just see myself two days before the deadline...

Oh no. My book. It's horrid/unfinished/unconvincing. My agent will hate it and my editor will hate it and I'll be thrown into the street and die a terrible lonely death.

But so far, all's well, and I'm coasting merrily along on the fumes of "Ohhh, I wrote a book and some people liked it." So I wait for an editorial letter on book #1. I do edits. I hope I don't loathe book #1 when I go back and look at it again. And that's about as far ahead as I can see right now.

The next few posts will probably be about querying or the submission process or suchlike, unless I have something musical to report, or some great drama happens at my school, which is not out of the question as great dramas happen there at regular intervals. Otherwise? It'll be about querying.


  1. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! *smooches*

  2. ahhhh that school. bad memories.....xD

  3. Hey now, it's not that bad. Anyway I have to survive there another four years so don't discourage meh. xD