Monday, November 21, 2011


Yesss! After much torture and twisting of arms, Blogspot has allowed me to post this. 

Beginning at the beginning, last weekend I was at the reading rehearsal with the Musik-Kollegium Winterthur. It's the thing were the orchestra gets to see your music for the first time and basically has to muddle through no matter what.

This particular reading rehearsal was for a huge kiddy/musical/play/opera/thingy that's premiering next spring, and consists of 800 children running around on-stage dressed as foxes and wolves and chickens. They fight and learn French and nearly die of thirst, and one chicken-child gets eaten by a wolf-child. It'll be bone-crunchingly graphic, I'm sure.

Since the directors wanted children - or at least young-ish folk - to do the music too, they called upon the composing class at the Zürich Conservatory. Confetteeeeh. We get to write for a symphony orchestra, and use timpani drum rolls until the poor flutists go deaf, and basically feel like a total rockstar film composers for about five minutes.

Because hearing one's music played by someone who is not one's self - or in this case 100 someones who are not one's self - is exciting. And scary. But mostly exciting. Comparable to having someone else read your stories for the first time.

I pasted a sampling below. It's the music for the oh-so-tragic romance between two of the main characters. Not very flashy, but the wilder pieces I wrote were too glitchy to be disseminated right now. I wrote stupidly high notes for the brass section, see. And for the harp. The harpist actually came over afterwards and gave me talking-to. "Don't make me play stupidly high notes!" Ok. Sorry.

I think the orchestra did really well on this piece, though. It was their first try, so I am in awe. :) I just wish the kid in the front row would stop coughing.

Written and orchestrated by moi:

Stefan Bachmann - Liebesmusik by glassfingers


  1. Oooooo, I remember you playing this piece on the pianooo! ah luv eht. X)

  2. And you fell off the top of the piano. Hahahaha...

  3. Lovely! I want to hear wolf-eats-chicken music, too.

  4. Thank you! Somone else in my class got to write the wolf-eats-chicken music. I just got the French-learning and the dying-of-thirst music. :)

  5. wait why would the harpist care if the notes are high?

  6. Because she thought they were too sharp. I think it's a nice effect, like fake bells, but whatever. I nodded. *nod nod*

  7. That is spectacular! I can only imagine the thrill you must feel at hearing a full orchestra play your composition and arrangement! So you wrote two pieces for this production's score?

  8. Thank you! :) I wrote about twenty cues for this project, but the reading rehearsal was only for a few of them. Can't *wait* to hear the rest.