Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Goodreads, Yo

Look what friend Amber drew. It made me laugh violently. So she let me have it. :)

In sixty years, I want to look igSAKLY like that.

Maybe a little bit happier.


Anyway. Three things:

Firstly, is anyone I know on Goodreads? Anyonnnnnne? I just set up shop there and am utterly friendless.

This is me. Ping! You can add me. Or tell me who y'are and I'll add you.

Secondly - I finished a bunch of books and bought two new ones. They're both several years old and a teeny bit famous. One is The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman, which has won the Newbery and the Carnegie and just about every other shiny award out there. The other one is The Hunger Games.

Yeah, never thought I'd do that either.

I actually bought it because of the trailer for the movie. It intrigued me. I'd heard of the book just like everyone else, and I knew the basic premise (a bunch of teenagers go off and kill each other for television cameras) but somehow nothing about it caught my interest. The trailer did though. Weird. So I'll read the book and then watch the movie. The Zürich bookshop only had it with the hideous new UK cover unfortunately.

Look at it.

I don't like it.

Usually, the UK gets the cool, emblematic covers, but in this case the US one is much more muchier.

Thirdly - I'm at 25,000 words for the rough draft of book two! This makes me happy. I like the plot and the characters and the new setting. I'm in that rosy stage where I like everything I write, which is great because that stage is going to end eventually, and then I'll be all like, "Well, this is rubbish, utterly and truly." But so far so good. I just got to write a scene where a character gets eaten by a house.

It's not as silly as it sounds in real life. 

I hope.


  1. Hmm, I'm not on Goodreads. Sowwy!

    I lurv that picture. ;)

  2. You should get on. Like, now.

    I lurv that picture too. xD

  3. I'm on Goodreads! I'm there as, well, as myself.

    The UK has changed my book covers (and will on my upcoming book, too), and I have to say that the US ones are better. But the markets are different, so...maybe it works?

    And, one day perhaps your knuckles will drag along the ground.

  4. Hmm. Yeah, scratch that, UK doesn't *usually* get the best covers. Just sometimes. Come to think of it there are quite a few books with better US covers than UK ones. Like "The Replacement".

    I like the US covers for your books better too, but I do think you got great UK ones. They're so bright and shiny on my shelf. :D

  5. not on goodreads either.