Thursday, October 20, 2011


Ohhhh dear, I've been frightfully bad at keeping this blog updated. No doubt everyone has given up clicking on it, having found out that I'm quite as dull and uninteresting as my bio suggests.

I warned ya! :)

If you haven't given up, this is me handing you a cookie and typing out a quick post about what's going on.

Numbah 1: My book went on submission. To publishing houses. Much madness ensued. I reeeeeally want to say more, but I'm not allowed to.

2: I swanned off to my sister's house in the mountains for a few days. Started Book 2. Got some news that made me start hyperventilating and running around and jumping. My sister was no doubt entertaining the idea of a strait jacket.

And 3: All you thousands of... um, ten people who click on my blog every day? Thank youuuuuuuu! Makes me feel like I'm not talking to myself. Seven of those people I know. The other two are mystery clickers. From Australia. We should be friends.

S'all for now, but I should have a whole BUNCH of interesting news as soon as I'm given permission to divulge. It will involve terror and excitement and phone calls.


  1. *munches cookie* More blog posts Shtefan!! I want to know what's going on. :D

  2. Ohh, make that eleven. Hi Feetsy!